Will my destiny or karma help me to save my modesty?

How they choose the victims, is there any discount for those who have done good deeds. Were those girls had done something bad? So these hunters have chosen them for this punishment.

These hunters (rapist) never spare the girl who comes on their way, when the time comes to snare someone. They go by hit and miss method.

Though I wonder what will make me safe then. Is wearing modest clothes will keep them away from me or I should wear modesty in my eyes? Should I lower my gaze in-front of them as if I am begging for my dignity?

Should I cover myself like this and then I will be free from any threats?

But then a question came into my mind which made all these thoughts futile “am I not allowed to fight for my dignity?” In this growing trend of hunters, people are suppressing the growth of girls as if it is the only way they’ll be safe.

In my society, people don’t let girls grow. Girls do grow but only when her time of marriage comes. They are always considered a little baby in the home of their parents. And turn into a mature one in a day when her last name changes. When her leader of her life change.

They don’t let them travel alone and not even let them live alone. There is always a person beside them to remind them of their helplessness and also remind them how weak they’re.

It’s not the mistake of society, it’s the fault of those men who don’t let a woman travel or work in a peaceful environment. Those men and boys who don’t let a girl live like a princess in the streets too. They treat the same kind of girl as Princess in their homes. But while walking on the street they change their color early than the chameleons.

But then it turns me to the society again. Because this is the same society that let such boys become men. This society makes them believe they can disturb our peace. They are empowered to practice their will. Yes, you hear it right, their will.

Today I want to make a request to you all. Please only dream for us of becoming warriors when you can provide us such environment.

I know how contradictory your statements are when you say my girl will become the rising star. And you don’t let a strange star grow in the street. When a strange girl passes by, she becomes an another chance for you and you forget the words spoken in your house. “The rising star”.

Let them rise well and then admire them to become a star.

I am not here to make another lecture on feminism or women empowerment but I wrote what I felt. I let my words cover all my feelings so that you could feel them too.

This may be an another post for you. But it means a lot to us, Us means the girls who have felt the same darkness in the streets that I felt. The darkness where even known become strangers. And the gloom doesn’t let people see our brightness. We get the punishment of someones else’s crime.

Whatever I have told you, it could not match the trouble we face in our daily routine. If it would have been a matter of once in a year, then it would have easier but it’s the game we play every other day.

When the sound of Brum Brum of speeding up of the accelerator reach to our ears realize us of the scenario. When they take over to us and try to tease us. And we start becoming unconscious even it wasn’t our crime.

To all the boys and men out there,We are also like the same princess that lives in your house. Our heart beats the same way that your princess’s beats.

I can assume how rage that has raised within you when some boys had tried to tease your sister or your daughter. You may have wished to kill them to see your daughter from those eyes.

Change your eyesight, not theirs. If half of you will do this, then half of the problem will get solved sitting ideally in the house.

And we will not have to join an another march for giving justice to our nation’s daughter.

Stay calm and stay pleased with us.

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