Are mad men angry at women 
Because they don’t allow themselves to be tamed?
Do we men think of women as the other, 
separate from ourselves?

Do we want to dominate them,
as if of a dog, cat, or horse we would be talking about?
The woman who will lay at our feet waiting for us to go and play with her, 
the woman who will tease us into seduction 
as we believe we domesticated the spirit of the tiger living in the cat?
And we laugh, thinking so highly about ourselves.

But all this anger towards women,
we say it is their fault for being beautiful, feminine, unique. 
It is not our fault for being cowards, 
for simply not ask for a kiss.
One devoid of the insecurities 
we men tend to have inside:
Kiss me so I look good,
kiss me so I own you, 
kiss me so I show up to the boys.

It wasn’t about you all along, right?
It was about us, we wanted to be grand. 
Isn’t that at least one of the reasons 
why you said no to us?
We wanted to use you.
It was never about you,
maybe not even about us. 
I mean the us including you and me. 
It was about the man showing superiority and dominance.

Did you not notice?
Did we not notice?
By pretending to show strength, 
we exposed our weakness.
By pretending to be powerful, 
we demonstrated impotence.
By pretending to be leaders, 
we demonstrated not even followers can be. 
By pretending to be wealthy, 
our poor spirit we let see through.

May you love me Woman 
may you take me in your arms 
because I die for your presence 
let’s for once think of ourselves as us.

your sight on me still scares me. 
In your presence, I am like a child
pretending to be a Man.