Writing and My Cat

Why I Write

I write to feed the monkeys building campfires in my brain. They prefer words over marshmallows.

I write to stimulate my caudate nucleus.

I write to make sense of the nonsensical and understand the incomprehensible.

I write to organize, arrange, reorganize, and rearrange my thoughts which resist all efforts of organization and arrangement.

I write because I believe in the impossible.

I write because not writing is impossible.

I write to believe in the possible especially when it feels impossible.

I write because spoken words evaporate.

I write because written words are quiet.

I write so I can sleep.

I write so I have a reason not to sleep.

I write because the days are long and the nights longer.

I write because I am old and have things to say, or I think I do.

I write because no one listens when I speak.

I write to feel immortal.

I write because I am not immortal and words are.

I write because my grandchildren think the things I write are cool — now — and they won’t later.

I write because my favorite dead people wrote.

I write because my father should have and didn’t.

I write because I know things you don’t.

I write because I don’t know many things but figure them out as I write.

I write because TV sucks.

I write because I can only read for a limited time without feeling like a failure for not writing whatever I’m reading.

I write because one day I’ll die.

I write because I live.

I write because I deal with numbers all day and words are more fun.

I write because words are amazing and phrases are amazinger.

I write so I can make up words and phrases and a lot of other shit.

I write to shine light in the darkness.

I write to hide.

I write to expose.

I write to conceal.

I write to remember.

I write to be who I am and who I am not.

I write not to cry.

I write because I cry.

I write so you will read.

I write in spite of knowing you will read.

I write because the voices in my head tell me to.

I write to shut up the voices in my head.

I write because my cat tells me to and he knows more than anyone.

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