Your intentions are so difficult to decipher,
And that’s not the type that I would prefer,
Cause you’re so difficult to comprehend,
Complicated cause you’re hot and cold,
At the same time so difficult to hate you,
An oxymoron cause I hate to love you,
You want all my time around you,
The next minute you want me gone,
But am engrained in your mind,
So you now want me back, again,
But this time you don’t want me to write,
I say politely that this isnt right,
You get angry at me and everything,
But I don’t get it cause I didn’t do anything,
Cause denying a writer is treason,
Denying expression,
Instead am the one in prison,
Caged in your stubbornness,
Trapped in your heartlessness
Release me so that I can explore,
Out there I want to soar,
Cause in here I feel so sour,
Hour after every hour,
Tears dripping on the floor,
Blood on the door,
As I scratch to get the attention,

Bring me a paper and a pen,
So that I can write this down,
How I feel as you stand on the other side of the wall,
You built a wall so I could get locked out,
Locked me in a vault of hopeless and selfdoubt,
Where broken dreams can’t be mend,
In the darkness of chaos and pain,
I can’t afford this life cause it’s expensive,
Don’t promise me this time cause it’s decisive,
Why can’t you be meek and submissive,
Why do you want to plunge me into undesirable fate,
If only I knew by choosing you this is what you would create,
I came to you with a polished English,
(Seeking only an honest partnership)
I sat down and listened to your gibberish,
By then I didn’t know you were so selfish,
But now I know you’re uncouth,
Now your name leaves a sour taste in my mouth...
You still think this is a love poem?
Maybe you’re the problem.