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Gelato Community Update 02/28/2022

Hey! Welcome back to another Gelato Community Update🍦 As we wind down another hugely successful month, we break down some of the most notable developments that have happened over the last few weeks here at Gelato.

⚙️ Gelato Ops

Gelato Ops continues to lead the way as the standard for sophisticated smart contract automation in an easy-to-use and super simple way. If you are a user or developer looking to empower your smart contracts using Gelato’s automation infrastructure or need some inspiration while working on your projects, get in touch with us! We’re happy to walk you through Gelato Ops and get your task up and running within minutes. Outsourcing your automation infrastructure can bring your protocol many benefits and allow you to focus on your primary core developments helping you grow as a project.

Also, you can take a look at some of our customer stories here ⤵️

🦄️ G-UNI

Using the power of G-UNI, protocols can bootstrap and incentivize liquidity for newly introduced tokens through various liquidity mining programs built on top of Uniswap v3. This is possible by making Uniswap v3 LP Positions fungible, which allows LP’s to stake their newly minted G-UNI tokens (representing their position in the Pool) and start earning rewards.

This process helps users by abstracting away the nonfungible complexities as a liquidity provider, as well as being able to enjoy having your fees auto-compounded in the process.

G-UNI TVL hit a new ATH of $607.8m on February 19. Source:

Stay tuned for all upcoming developments surrounding G-UNI, we’re only just getting started ;)

🤝 Partnerships

The Gelato ecosystem has absolutely exploded over the last couple of weeks. We would like to welcome our new frens Thales, Hakka Finance, Maximizer, Geist Finance, RipaeFinance, Reaper,, Popcorn, PanicSwap, and many other more to the Gelato fam!

Gelato Ecosystem — February 2022

PanicSwap integrates Gelato by allowing $PANIC stakers to chill comfortably, while their fees accrue automatically in the background using the power of Ops. Revenue generated by the protocol is distributed right back to its users, reliably paying them with some massive yields.

Popcorn DAO is also offering some chad APY’s to liquidity providers upwards of 2,000% APY on POP rewards when Staking G-UNI USDC/POP LP tokens. Check out their Sweet Caramel Public release for some of the sweetest yields in Decentralized Finance at the moment. Sweet Caramel V1 is available on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum.

🍦 Community

🎙️ The DeFi Scoop

Latest episode Ep.12 of The DeFi Scoop with Mia Grodsky as she reveals the Blueprint for Running a Successful DAO

🏗 ETHernals ETHIndia Devfolio hackathon

Gelato supports the ETHernals ETHIndia hackathon, awarding multiple prizes to the coolest and most creative use cases utilizing Gelato.

Apply to hack now →

📺 Gelato at ETHDenver

Check out Gelato’s presentation at ETHDenver “Gelato Job Scheduling to Automate Your Smart Contracts” by Legendary Member Hilmar.


Last but not least — we are hiring!

If any of the open positions interest you, — please apply!

We can’t wait to show you some of the newest developments that we have been working on under the hood, but that’ll have to wait for now. Turn your Gelato’s Twitter notifications on and come say hi in our Gelato Community Chat over on Telegram!

Until next time!

Stay Cool Gelato 🍦

About Gelato Network

Gelato Network is web3’s automation network, enabling developers to automate & relay arbitrary smart contract executions on and across all EVM-based compatible blockchains such as Ethereum.

Gelato’s goal is to provide developers with a reliable, scalable & decentralized network to which they can outsource all of their web3 related DevOps operations.

Examples of which features are powered by Gelato include:

  • Limit Orders on PancakeSwap
  • Periodically updating debt ceilings on MakerDAO
  • Offering users gasless token claims on Connext
  • Automatically compounding yield farming vaults on Beefy Finance
  • Automating the breeding of new digital racehorse NFTs on ZED RUN
  • Rebasing of algorithmic stablecoins with Tomb Finance
  • Updating price oracles on Abracadabra

► Check out what we’ve been working on at

► Automate your smart contract at

Connect with us:

🐦 Twitter | 💬 Telegram | 📺 YouTube | 🔗Linktree



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