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Gelato Community Update — May 2022

Thank you for tuning in to yet another Community Update where we discuss all developments and achievements over the last month, as well as continue to align our focus and vision into the future with all of you Gelato lovers.

🔁 Gelato Relay: A Fast and Reliable Transaction API

In May we successfully rolled out Gelato Relay, which has been largely anticipated by many builders across all EVM blockchains.

With the introduction of the Gelato Relay SDK, users and developers are able to get transactions mined in a fast, reliable, and secure way between networks. Handling reliable cross-chain infrastructure often becomes a complex and time-consuming effort, especially as the nature of interacting with different blockchains brings upon a variety of difficulties and unexpected state changes. These complexities are best left to the experts in smart contract automation, Gelato.

Not only does Gelato solve many of the difficulties that we may experience moving between blockchains, but we also provide additional features and optimizations that make relaying a seamless and user-friendly experience. With the addition of gasless transactions and flexible payment methods, users are able to pay for transactions with a broader range of tokens with support for over 10 different EVM chains.

Tens of thousands of transactions are already being executed daily using Gelato’s Relay infrastructure.

Getting started with Gelato Relay

Read more about all of the cool features of the Gelato Relay in our documentation here:

🔒 The GEL Lockdrop

GEL Lockdrop process

If you haven’t already heard about the ongoing GEL Token Lockdrop, let’s get you up to speed. Up until June 10th, all $GEL token holders are able to lock their $GEL for 3 months to receive the Arrakis’ $SPICE Airdrop.

At the time of writing, 19.5% of all $GEL in circulation has been locked. Currently, Arrakis’ Airdrop is the most anticipated airdrop amassing a new high TVL of $980M — all without a token. A more detailed breakdown surrounding the $GEL Lockdrop can be found here.

This is one airdrop you don’t want to miss.


⚙️ Gelato Ops

Gelato Ops v1.0.5 is now live.

With added support for Kovan Testnet, Moonbeam, and Optimism, programmatic task automation via the Gelato Ops SDK, and further enhancements to the Ops experience.

Transactions executed by Gelato in May 2022

Integrations spotlight

The Gelato Ecosystem continues to expand, providing world-class smart contract automation to developers and users across web3.

Live integrations and users, Gelato Ecosystem May 2022

Here’s our monthly integrations spotlight:

  • ZED RUN integrates Gelato for an improved automated racehorse breeding experience. ZED’s fantasy horses climb the Polygon Leaderboard in less than two weeks, claiming #1 with over 10,000 Executions processed via Gelato.
  • Alluo, a yield optimization and liquidity protocol sets up regular automation tasks for accurate hourly price resolver updates. A simple yet necessary task.
  • MakerDAO further decentralizes internal operations by integrating Gelato to automatize critical tasks such as updating debt ceilings necessary for the stabilization of DAI.
  • Float uses Gelato to systematically update the market data of their floating asset exposure mechanisms. These frequently called tasks further enhance the accuracy and stability of the protocol for a continuously reliable trading experience.

🍦Community Recap


That’s all the latest for now. Don’t miss out on the Gelato Monthly Newsletter where we delve further into the month of May 2022.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!🍦

About Gelato Network

​​Gelato Network is web3’s automation network, enabling developers to automate and relay arbitrary smart contract executions on and across all EVM-based compatible blockchains such as Ethereum.

Gelato’s goal is to provide developers with a reliable, scalable, and decentralized network to which they can outsource all of their web3 related DevOps operations.

Examples of which features are powered by Gelato include:

  • Limit Orders on PancakeSwap
  • Periodically updating debt ceilings on MakerDAO
  • Offering users gasless token claims on Connext
  • Automatically compounding yield farming vaults on Beefy Finance
  • Automating the breeding of new digital racehorse NFTs on ZED RUN
  • Rebasing of algorithmic stablecoins with Tomb Finance
  • Updating price oracles on Abracadabra

► Check out what we’ve been working on at 🍦🍦

Connect with us:

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