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Gelato Network Community Update 11/30/2021

Welcome back to another Gelato Bi-Weekly Community Update!

That’s a wrap to November, Gelato continues to lead the way as the best in class solution for smart contract automation. The introduction to Gelato Ops was a massive success, we’ve seen tremendous growth over the last month from users and developers automating their smart contracts in just a few steps with our new super slick interface. Integrations are happening faster than ever, with non-stop shipping and more integrations as we head into the festive holiday season!

🥇Gelato is crowned 1st Place in Binance’s Most Valuable Builder III Contest

Thank you all kindly who voted for us during this contest, and if you are only hearing about what Gelato is, and who we are, where have you been? Just kidding, DeFi moves fast, strap in, there’s a lot to learn!

🤝 Gelato and Connext team up

Connext, the the leading interoperability protocol, has integrated Gelato’s proven infrastructure to automate cross-chain token transfers using a Multichain Relay API. As the demand for cross-chain interactions accelerates, the importance of interoperability and reliable bridges is key for users to seemingly interact between networks in the multichain world.

▶️ Watch the Fireside Chat with Arjun from Connext to learn more about this integration.


It won’t be a Gelato Community Update without a mention of G-UNI continuing to blast through the roof. During the early hours of 26 Nov, we hit an ATH peak of ~240million in G-UNI.

That’s over 6.1% of Uniswap V3’s entire TVL of $3.95billion, with a B.

Let’s put that in perspective for a second, I’ll wait.

🔺Gelato is live on Avalanche

Gelato’s Sorbet Finance extends support to the Avalanche Network! Sorbet users will now be able to place Limit Orders on AVAX’s leading DEX Trader Joe natively on Sorbet Finance. With the surging growth of the AVAX ecosystem, deploying Gelato’s automated infrastructure further cross-chain is an easy decision for us.

This rounds up another busy month here at Gelato. Thank you to all the awesome projects who participated in the ETHGlobal Web3Jam Hackathon. And thank you to all the Gelato fam — we are super happy to announce that we have hit also 30k Twitter followers 🙏

Last but not least — we are now 20 Core Team Members strong and continuing to grow! If you love Gelato and see yourself fit for any of our open positions — please apply!

About Gelato Network

Gelato Network is Web3’s premier automation network, enabling developers to automate a wide variety of arbitrary smart contract executions on and across all EVM-based compatible blockchains such as Ethereum. Examples of use cases developers have built on top of Gelato include Limit Orders on AMMs like Uniswap, automatic compounding of yield farming vaults, Aave liquidation protection, MakerDAO debt ceiling updates, automated liquidity management, and even the petting of Aavegotchis.

Our ultimate goal is to automate everything and by giving developers the reliable tools they need to do this, we can empower their users to get the most out of their Web3 experience.

► Check out what we’ve been working on at 🍦🍦

► Automate your smart contract at

Connect with us:

🐦 Twitter | 💬 Telegram | 📺 YouTube | 🔗Linktree




​​Gelato Network is web3’s automation network, enabling developers to automate & relay arbitrary smart contract executions on and across all EVM-based compatible blockchains such as Ethereum.

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