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Gelato’s Art Vernissage

Gelato’s first creative proposal — show us your creative flavor and let’s make 🍦 art

After Gelato’s first meme and art competition, we noticed that there are extremely talented artists and individuals in our community who came up with some really extraordinary designs. We want this Art Vernissage to be decided by the GEL token holders voting on the results of the contest.

The top three (3) artworks to be determined via Snapshot voting by GEL token holders will receive the following prizes:

  • 1st Place: $2,500 USD worth of GEL tokens
  • 2nd Place: $1,000 USD worth of GEL tokens
  • 3rd Place: $500 USD worth of GEL tokens

The Snapshot of the $GEL token value will be taken upon the closure of the submissions for the Vernissage as posted below.

Prizes will be distributed upon the completion of the Snapshot vote.

How to Participate

The Vernissage will commence on the:

27th of October at 10:00 UTC (Check your local time here)

Submissions are to be made directly on the Forum Vernissage thread and tweeting them out with the text:

Here is my submission to the @gelatonetwork Vernissage:

<Link to your comment in the Gelato Forum>

<Your artwork image file>

Please ensure that the file (jpg, SVG, png, pdf) you upload is no larger than 10MB.

Submissions for the Vernissage will close:

6th of November 12:00 UTC

For any brand assets, you can openly find them here if required:

No duplicates, one submission per person.

Once the deadline has been met, the Gelato Team will select the five (5) best Art Submissions whereby voting will proceed to Snapshot allowing the GEL token holders to determine the top three prizewinners through governance voting, kickstarting governance in a fun and entertaining way.

Time to put on your creative cap and let your imagination flow!

As always, keep it classy and cool.

About Gelato Network

Gelato Network is Web3’s premier automation network, enabling developers to automate a wide variety of arbitrary smart contract executions on and across all EVM-based compatible blockchains such as Ethereum. Examples of use cases developers have built on top of Gelato include Limit Orders on AMMs like Uniswap, automatic compounding of yield farming vaults, Aave liquidation protection, MakerDAO debt ceiling updates, automated liquidity management, and even the petting of Aavegotchis.

Our ultimate goal is to automate everything and by giving developers the reliable tools they need to do this, we can empower their users to get the most out of their Web3 experience.

► Check out what we’ve been working on at 🍦🍦

Connect with us:

🐦 Twitter | 💬 Telegram | 📺 YouTube | 🔗 Linktree




​​Gelato Network is web3’s automation network, enabling developers to automate & relay arbitrary smart contract executions on and across all EVM-based compatible blockchains such as Ethereum.

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