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Placing Limit Orders on PancakeSwap Using Sorbet Finance

After many requests for a BSC integration, we are announcing that you can now place Limit Orders on PancakeSwap via Sorbet Finance.

Placing a Limit Order on Sorbet is super easy, it’s as simple as specifying the price you want your order to execute at, submitting the order, and then simply letting the Gelato bots do the work for you.

Our motto at Gelato has always been set it and forget it.

How to place a Limit Order on PancakeSwap using Sorbet Finance.

Without further ado, here is a quick breakdown of how to place Limit Orders on PancakeSwap using Sorbet Finance.

1. Select the Appropriate Network

Go to Sorbet Finance and log in with your wallet connected to the BSC network. If you have not configured the BSC network yet, here is a guide on how to add it to your MetaMask account.

2. Place the Order

For this example, we will be placing an order to purchase CAKE using BNB.

Select your input token

This refers to the token that you will be swapping from, in this example we have BNB — therefore we select BNB.

Now we need to select our output token, this is the token that we will want to acquire in this Limit Order.

Specify your order size and limit price

We will be swapping 0.1 BNB to CAKE, and we only want our order to be executed when 1 BNB = 30 CAKE. Therefore we will input a value of 30 in the Price field.

Sorbet will auto-fill the amount of the output token that you will receive. This is the amount that you will always receive if the conditions that you specify in your order are met.

Simply go ahead and place the order, where you will be presented with a summary of your order prior to confirming it.

Here you will find all the relevant details of the Limit Order you are placing, including the fixed Gelato fee of 0.02% upon execution and the minimum amount you will always receive if your Limit Price is met and your order is successfully executed.

Once we ensure that all the details here are correct, hit Confirm Order and you’re all done!

Your order will then appear in the “Open Orders” tab and upon Execution, you can find it over in Executed tab.

If at any time you want to cancel the order, simply hit Cancel, confirm the MetaMask prompt and your funds will immediately be returned to your wallet.

Now sit back and let the Gelato bots execute the order on your behalf.

For any questions or further assistance please don’t hesitate to join our Community Channel over on Telegram and Discord.

About Gelato Network

Gelato Network is Web3’s premier automation network, enabling developers to automate a wide variety of arbitrary smart contract executions on and across all EVM-based compatible blockchains such as Ethereum. Examples of use cases developers have built on top of Gelato include Limit Orders on AMMs like Uniswap, automatic compounding of yield farming vaults, Aave liquidation protection, MakerDAO debt ceiling updates, automated liquidity management, and even the petting of Aavegotchis.

Our ultimate goal is to automate everything and by giving developers the reliable tools they need to do this, we can empower their users to get the most out of their Web3 experience.

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