SpiritSwap to Integrate Native Limit Orders Powered By Gelato

Limit Orders are now available on SpiritSwap, one of the leading DEXs on Fantom

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Jul 16 · 2 min read

As users become accustomed to having more agency in their trading experience, DeFi must grow and adapt to fit their needs. That is why we are excited to bring on SpiritSwap as our latest partner implementing limit orders, powered by Gelato, on their AMM.

“The Gelato integration was so fast! This allowed us to focus our forces in other places. Those libs worked perfectly. Thank you to the Gelato team! 🚀 ”—Robert Neir, Co-founder of SpiritSwap.

SpiritSwap has been one of Fantom’s leading decentralized exchanges since its inception and has over $30 million in TVL across their platform. Their UI built from the ground up as well as the low transaction costs of Fantom all make Spirit an attractive option for users of all experience levels.

Gelato has established itself as the premier automation platform for DeFi and beyond. From managing Maker positions on Instadapp to integrating limit orders on Sorbet Finance, Gelato is claiming its territory in the frontier of automation.

“Seeing proof that Gelato’s libraries are a reliable tool for any UI developer to integrate limit orders on top of their DEX of choice within no time is exciting. I am sure that many developers will use our libraries to ship new trade automation features to their users this summer.” — Pedro Cruz, Legendary Member of Gelato

This will be the first of many initiatives we have with SpiritSwap and as the platform grows, we will grow with it providing the infrastructure needed for services such as dollar-cost averaging, stop-loss, liquidity provider management, and more.

SpiritSwap is a decentralized exchange that is built on the constant-product automated market maker model and is live on the Fantom Opera Chain (Fantom Foundation). By staking their native token SPIRIT for inSPIRIT, users can vote in the DAO on parameters such as emissions rates, farms to add, farm allocations, and future development. In addition, inSPIRIT token holders can also earn revenue from the SpiritSwap protocol. Check out SpiritSwap if you haven’t!

Gelato is the automation layer of DeFi and beyond, offering projects a one-stop solution to fulfill all of their automation needs. Gelato is building the underlying infrastructure to become a foundational pillar of the Web3 middleware stack, enabling trustless, automated flows of value between all smart contracts and upcoming Layer 2 networks.

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