Ruby Rose Made my Daughter a Lesbian

Samantha has always been a rebellious teenager. Isn’t that what teens do? Be rebellious? Thanks to Ruby Rose, my daughter Samantha is doing a little more than being rebellious. She has become a sinner.

“I would date her — that new girl from Orange Is The New Black, ” Samantha blurted at Sunday brunch. “I would date the crap out of Ruby Rose.”

“You will do no such thing. Ruby Rose is not a man. She is trying to look like one to deceive you, just like the devil,” I retorted.

Samantha laughed in my face. She had never mentioned homosexual behavior before Ruby Rose existed. Now Ruby Rose is everywhere. Turning innocent teenage girls into lesbians. The only way to stop this behavior is to stop Ruby Rose. Women like her work with Satan’s army and will relentlessly “turn” our women into lesbians. Many of you will find this message humorous — ridiculous even. Remember I warned you.