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Number Shoot Global Service begins!

Puzzle Game with Easy & Simple Logic on Blockchain, Number Shoot!

We are happy to announce that <Number Shoot> has finally launched!
Shoot and merge the number blocks to make great number block greater than 2048!
Complete the target block to clear the stage, Compete your skills with users around the world!

For more information, please refer to the below.

📆 Grand Open Schedule

🎮 Download Info

🙋 Supported Country and Language

📌 Game Info


dCUBE(DCB) is an InGame Token linked to the blockchain game platform ‘GemHUB’ and an exclusive token of ‘Play dCUBE’ exchangeable for GHUB, the GemHUB’s governance token. DCB can be earned playing games of ‘Play dCUBE’ and swapped using a MiniApp on KMINT, themulti-chain integrated wallet.

DCB/GHUB KLAYswap Pairpool Guide

The issuance of DCB following the launch of Number Shoot is 3,000,000.
For liquidity supply, we supply the following amount to the GHUB-DCB pair pool of KLAYswap.
- GHUB 3,000 / DCB 30,000

AirDrop for liquidity supply

Some of the initial issued DCB are airdropped into the GHUB single staking pool or associated pair pool.
The set airdrop is distributed over 365 days.
- GHUB-KLAY : 30,000 DCB
- GHUB-oUSDT : 30,000 DCB
- GHUB 365 Staking : 360,000 DCB / 7,000 GHUB
- GHUB-DCB : 600,000 DCB / 2,000 GHUB

For reference, if the early termination of GemHUB 365 staking is determined due to listing on CEX, airdrop will take place in proportion to the GHUB not airdropped for 30 days until the end date, and airdrop will end 30 days later.

The GemHub team will continue to deliver good news, including the fast release of upcoming games, collaboration with partners and new partners.
We will continue to strive for the development of the GemHub ecosystem.

Join us and Stay up to date with our latest news!

Thank you.



Easy and Convenient Entertainning Blockchain Game Platform GemHUB

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