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Gemie Partners With Polinate to Bring Entertainment Metaverse Experience to a Wider Audience

  • The partnership will allow the broader GameFi and NFT communities to enjoy the unique experience of the Asian entertainment metaverse offered by Gemie.
  • Polinate will tap into top markets in Southeast Asia by leveraging Gemie’s strong presence and connections throughout the region.
  • The Gemie-Polinate collaboration will open doors for potential exclusive NFT presales on the Polinate launchpad in the future.

Gemie is thrilled to announce the partnership with Polinate, a leading launchpad for innovative GameFi applications, NFT projects, and digital artists. The launchpad has been supporting the gaming and creator economy in many aspects. This partnership will give the Polinate community members opportunities to support their favorite celebrities in Asia through Gemie’s entertainment metaverse and NFTs.

This collaboration will also bring new opportunities to Polinate in Southeast Asia by leveraging Gemie’s strong presence and connections in the region and potentially widen the user base and exposure for the launchpad.

In addition, the Gemie-Polinate partnership will open doors for potential Gemie NFT presales on Polinate, so that the NFT and metaverse communities will get a front roll seat to enjoy the exclusive perks offered by Gemie.

John, co-founder of Gemie, said, “NFTs are one of the most important elements in the Gemie ecosystem. One of the main utilities of the Gemie NFTs is to give users a complete experience on the metaverse of Gemie, such as interacting with their favorite celebrities on a virtual planet. When the market is flooded with PHP-type of NFT projects, utility-focused NFTs could be the next driving force of the long-term growth of the space. We are glad that our partners at Polinate share our vision on this.”

About Gemie

Gemie is an Asia-focused celebrity metaverse platform and premium NFT marketplace. The start-up was founded in 2021 and aims to reinvent the entertainment industry by directly connecting celebrities and fans through customized virtual planets and digital collectables.

Website / Twitter / Discord / Medium / Telegram

About Polinate

Polinate is a next-generation crowdfunding platform designed to discover, launch and empower creatives globally in a permissionless way. We give creators their break to get funded by connecting creative projects, investors, fans and patrons.

We are building the backbone of a new global creator economy. It doesn’t matter where you are from, social status, banked or unbanked. If you add value, you benefit. Come and join our Hive!



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