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Redesigning Entertainment Experiences for the Metaverse

Gemie: Building a Galaxy of Celebrity-designed Planets and Collectibles

As a society, we are spending more and more time online. The average active internet user spends approximately 6 hours and 54 minutes online every day creating and engaging with content, accumulating a social profile and currency, and establishing a digital identity that is an extension of their physical lives. The metaverse is our collective step into the next iteration of merging the online and offline.

In simple terms, a metaverse can be defined as a digital world where physical, virtual, and augmented realities converge. It allows users to explore new realities and unlocks a new class of assets that speak to our personal interests. It will broaden our expression of personal identity and revolutionize the way we connect, interact, and experience the world.

Seeing the endless possibilities for technology to improve the existing entertainment industry, our team founded Gemie with the goal to connect top-tier celebrities in Asia and their fans without geographical limitations through an immersive metaverse experience.

Giving Ownership back to Artists and Entertainers

With our team’s years of entertainment industry experience, we see many instances where artists and entertainers are at the mercy of current industry practices and standards. Major labels often restrict creative control, broadcasters and streaming platforms limit royalties, and intermediaries take substantial commissions.

Disruption is needed in entertainment to better support artists by equipping them with the right tools, resources, and opportunities to actualize their vision. We believe that Web 3.0 offers a new realm of possibilities for entertainers to have greater ownership of their ideas and earning potential while bringing them closer to their audiences.

Empowered by blockchain technology, our team will work closely with each celebrity to provide them with technical resources to customize unique planets in the Gemie metaverse and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) complete with exclusive online and offline benefits. By giving our stars design freedom and eliminating the need for expensive merchandising intermediaries, we hope Gemie collectibles will be a true expression of each artist’s creativity and fan support.

Into the Gemie Metaverse

Our mission is to create Asia’s leading metaverse in the entertainment industry.

We’ve seen western celebrities like Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg embrace the metaverse and NFTs, however there is no strong existing counterpart specific to Asian entertainment. Pop culture and the entertainment landscape in Asia have their own dynamic, intricacies, and references which are different from western parts of the world. There is growing interest in the metaverse, NFTs, and Web 3.0 in the east and our team sees huge potential for artists here to explore new methods of fan engagement.

When our team sat down to think about how to capture the diversity of Asian entertainment, we envisioned a galaxy with planets that users can teleport between. Because no two artists are the same, we couldn’t imagine fitting them all in one world. With that in mind, our team set out to build a virtual universe filled with planets, designed to reflect the vision and vibe of each of our celebrities and franchises, customized with their own unique characteristics.

We hope that Gemie will become the home for celebrating Asian talent in our native countries and a bridge to share our singers, movies, and any form of entertainment with the world. The Gemie metaverse enables us to create and enter worlds envisioned by our celebrities. With Gemie, Asia’s top stars, brands, and fans will unlock new avenues to discover, collaborate, and interact with each other.

The Future of Fan Experience

Gemie aims to reimagine the value of celebrity merchandise.

If you’ve been a fan of any musician, artist, celebrity or franchise, you’ve most likely bought their merchandise. Whether it was a poster, CD, t-shirt, or any number of products, we’ve all purchased these items to support our favorite entertainers and IPs, to possess something they’ve created, to use as an expression and extension of our identity, and to connect to a greater community of supporters.

Digital assets are an extension of this concept for our online identities. For Gemie NFTs, this represents authenticated digital ownership as well as unparalleled utility and an exclusive fan experience. To do this, our team will work with our celebrities to customize unique collectibles that come with online and offline benefits for collectors including, but not limited to the follow:

  • Events (ex. Access to live concerts, movie premieres, after parties, meet-ups)
  • Perks (ex. Exclusive waitlist, discounts, priority in ticket sales)
  • Real world items (ex. Purchase of NFT comes with physical movie or music video props and other memorabilia)
  • DAO (ex. Participate in decision-making process regarding collaborations)

We can’t wait to reveal more about Gemie and announce the first planets to orbit in our universe.

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See you in the Gemie metaverse.

John F., Co-founder

John is an international award-winning entertainer with a decade of experience in stage performance and television. He is well known for his reputation of artistic integrity and is backed by a network of stage and screen contacts across Asia. John is also passionate about the crypto landscape, blockchain, and using the technology to add value to traditional fields. He served as the Director of CryptoHR and helped hundreds of crypto firms recruit top talent.
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Gemie is Asia’s leading Metaverse in the entertainment industry for celebrities to customize their own virtual planets and interact with fans.