Gemini Has Modified Its Email Policies

New Email Policies Support Safer and Better Communication

Beginning Friday, November 11, 2016, Gemini will make some small adjustments to its email policy. These changes are designed to keep our customers safe.

Over the last several months we’ve instituted policies for the domain (and its subdomains) which signal to the largest email providers to reject email messages that do not originate from sources we have explicitly authorized. Customers whose email providers verify the sender of an email (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail) may rest assured that emails coming from “” have not been sent by anyone else other than Gemini.

While we can say this with confidence for the domain, there is little we can do to curb emails coming from look-alike domains or emails which exploit how they are displayed in your inbox. Please always take a second look at emails which look suspicious. You can contact to verify an email’s authenticity, and we also encourage you to forward suspicious email messages to

In addition, in an effort to provide better customer service and an overall friendlier experience, we’ve decided to end our no-link policy. Going forward, we will typically only include links to public blog posts or other information relating to product announcements, and will never include unsolicited links to unaffiliated domains. Regardless, customers should always be careful when clicking on links in emails received from suspicious sources, or emails that just seem out of the ordinary.

Finally, Gemini will never ask you for your password or login credentials.

Thank you for helping us keep you safe. The security of customers and their assets is our primary concern.

Onward and Upward,

Team Gemini