Rebranding Geminity

Why we’re selflessly moving into innovation one branding and development project at a time

Geminity (jeminuhtee) — n. 1. The process of creating unity through understanding and appreciating the duality between opposing views.

Quick history on Geminity Designs

During the summer of 2014, we (me and our other co-founder Terence Lee) just finished our freshmen year at Tuskegee University with no plans for the summer besides playing video games, catching up on hard earned sleep, attempting to exercise (so many attempts), and finding the typical, American summer job. Even though our “no plans” approach sounded great, beautiful, majestic even, we knew we could do more. We wanted to do more. We’ve both always had an entrepreneurial bug, but we felt that this was the perfect time to start figuring out what we could actually create.

After a few weeks of research we finally decided on creating a business that provided web and graphic design services to those that need it most. Originally we planned on it only being a short term thing, but come 3 years later we’re going strong and it’s only getting better. We’ve gotten new team members who are the best in the world (P.S. Love you guys!). New clients that have turned into business relationships (P.S. We love you guys too!). And, we’ve definitely experienced a lot from making a lot of mistakes along the way. And, as much as Geminity Designs has grown, we’ve grown along with it; and with that our mission has evolved.

This is a quick aside. To everyone we’ve worked with over these last 3 years, we want to sincerely thank you. We couldn’t have made it this far with out you, and we look forward to continuing to make it even further with you.

Why we decided to rebrand

We wanted to help people out, and over the years that’s changed. Now, not only do we want to help people, we want to push people to innovate. Push people to not just improve their lives, but to do so for others as well. We believe that true innovation lies at the intersection of compassion and creativity, and we want to work on creating a future built on innovation. By continuing to offer our branding and development services to businesses and people with the drive to impact the world, we’ll be able to do it. So, we decided the next natural step would be to rebrand Geminity Designs so we could begin focusing on our new mission: Selfless Innovation.

New Logos/New Looks

Our old logo drew a lot of inspiration from symbols that we believed spoke to our core values. The original idea was a combination between the star and an West African symbol for democracy.

Our Old Logo (The Good Ole Times)

However, we wanted to go with something that was more simplistic and could grow we us as we continue to embrace innovation as our core focus in the future.

Our New Logo (The Good Future Times?)

We decided to close the middle gap to remove space, similarly to how we try to remove barriers when we’re working with our clientele to get the most out of our projects. The new design’s simplicity is meant to show how we’ve grown and matured as a team and are looking forward to what the future has in store for us!

Our New Color Scheme!

Even when working with our color scheme, we wanted to make sure every aspect of our rebranding spoke to our new mission. The red embodies our ambition and the type of drive and willpower we bring to projects we work on. The blues represent the selfless nature in which we bring our ambitions, and how our overall is still to work with people on innovating.


Geminity Designs has always been about trying to make the world a better place. We’ve had the chance to work with so many people in the past and share with them this mission. With our rebranding and new focus on pushing people to innovate, we believe we’ll be able to make the world an even better place. We’re excited about going on this journey!

Author’s Note: Geminity Designs wouldn’t still be here today without the work of our team and supporters thus far. Plentiful thanks and blessings to everyone that has been involved with us over the years. We look forward to creating a better and brighter future for the world with you.