Access to Markets: Brand awareness for Nigerian Rice and Linking Rice Farmers to Commercial Mills

The brand awareness for Nigerian rice initiative signed an MOU with Umza International Farms, agreeing on roles and responsibilities for the commencement of a pilot.

The team visited the rice mill in Kano earlier in the month, and discussions yielded useful information such as the mills paddy purchasing trends and challenges, milling capacity and plans for expansion. Umza has produced a TV advert clip and GEMS4 will work with the mill to implement an advertising campaign to promote the UMZA brand as high quality Nigerian rice. In order to support the distribution, sales and marketing of the brand, partnerships with two rice distributors in Lagos and internal capacity development for the UMZA marketing unit is underway.

GEMS4 visited a potential partner, Labana Rice Mill in Kebbi state and met with the management team and the Chairman of the Kebbi State Rice Farmers Association Mohammed Sahabi Augie. During the meeting the team toured the Labana rice mill and identified production, supply and distribution challenges and areas for collaboration.

The team will meet with Labana paddy aggregators and with farmers groups and communicate the mill’s supply requirements: price, variety, payment terms and moisture content. GEMS4 and Labana agreed to work together on a Pilot in 4 states (Kebbi, Sokoto, Zamfara and Niger states) and will formally allocate roles and responsibilities in an MOU to be signed next month.

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