MIN: Linking Women producers of made in Nigeria products to e-commerce platforms

The GEMS4 initiative Linking Women producers of made in Nigeria products to e-commerce platforms is partnering with MIN Global Consulting Services Limited to launch “MIN” a retail website dedicated exclusively to the sale of commodities that are made in Nigeria. The initiative facilitates access to markets for producers of Made in Nigeria products, especially if they are women. The objective is to facilitate linkages between local producers experiencing distribution challenges to the ‘Made in Nigeria’ e-commerce platform where they gain increased exposure, more sales and increased incomes.

The MIN Awareness Creation Forum tagged “The Power of Investing” held on the 25th March in Abuja. The forum objective was to create awareness and a build up to the launch of the MIN platform. During the meeting ppotential MINpreneurs and Angel Investors (Venture capitalists) were made aware of how to become vendors or off-takers for the local producers. Forty eight participants indicated interest in becoming vendors as soon as the website is launched in May.

Many high level stakeholders supported the forum including representatives from Nexim Bank; Buraq Capital; the special Advisor to the President on Poverty Eradication; Nigeria Exporting Council (NEPC); Kaduna State Ministry of Commerce and Industry; Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and Abuja Enterprise Agency.

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