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How to open your free jewelry store on

Follow this easy guide as we update it with new posts weekly, on some tips and tricks to open your own jewelry store!

Ok so you have decided to start selling jewelry online, great. Now what? There are so many options on what you can do, that it can be almost overwhelming. Do you sell on Facebook? Ebay? Craigslist? What about creating an e-store, should you shell out a fortune and hire a web developer and build an online store yourself? What will you use for payment processing, and how will you get the word out about your website to potential buyers of your jewelry, gemstones, and diamonds?!

Starting a website is no small feat. While there are a number of services you can use to create a fully functioning website, there remain a whole host of new obstacles once your online jewelry store is up and ready for customers. How will you bring traffic to your website, is your SEO in place and optimized? What service will process your payments for you from buyers, and how will it guard you against fruad?

This first post will cover the basics of setting up an online jewelry store and why using a service such as can help you skip some of the most time consuming steps, and start you off on the right foot. is optimized for jewelry. What this means is that if you open a WordPress site, you have to build everything from scratch. Your inventory management system, your jewelry display profiles, and even your payment processing are not included when you build your own site from scratch. On the other hand, on Gemsby, you are given all of the tools required to run a successful jewelry store from the start. Upon creating a free account, you will find yourself on the seller dashboard. From here you can edit your profile, add inventory and connect your payment processing.

Once you have created your online jewelry store on , you can begin adding inventory. It’s that simple. Add more designs or gems, and potentially make more sales.

Your gemsby store will have multiple benefits right away. Firstly you can choose your own custom domain name, for instance . From here, you are already benefiting from all of the Search Engine and Social Media optimizing and marketing done by the Gemsby Team. Secondly, your new website is now coordinating in real time with the Gemsby search pool. Add new inventory to your website, and it is automatically added to the Gemsby search, and is now viewed by thousands of visitors to the site weekly. Within a few minutes of creating your store and adding your first product, you are already miles ahead of where you would be if you had to create your own website and begin marketing on your own.

Lastly, there is payment processing. Once you build an online jewelry store, you will want to take payments. Most will opt for a service such as shopify, but that creates two new issues. Firstly the Shopify store is not optimized for jewelry, and secondly the fees are higher than they would be using Gemsby. We have negotiated with Stripe for a lower payment processing fee for all of our clients, right off the bat!

If you enjoyed this quick runthrough, stay tuned for our next blog post coming this week which will go more in depth for each of the above topics, starting with creating a free Gemsby store and preparing your profile page. Look for that post in the next couple of days!




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