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Possible Dreams. Possible Paths.

Stories and resources from RoadTrip Nation to help students explore their dreams — and the paths they can take to get there.

Possible Dreams. Possible Paths. [Roadtrip Nation]

This past year, only 27% of young people said they felt very clear on their goals for the future. How can we give them new confidence, and help them plan their path forward?

Possible Dreams, Possible Paths” is a new website created by Roadtrip Nation to help high school students see possibilities through stories from people like them.

Packed with video interviews focused on topics like mental health, social issues, and plans for the future, students will see that they’re not alone, and start to build a sense of confidence and connection to their peers.

If you’re in a role that supports young people, the site includes resources for you, too — and it offers a valuable line of sight into how students are feeling right now.

This is a time to let young people know that they’re not alone — and that they can still build the futures they dream of.

Let’s show them what’s possible.



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Derek E. Baird

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