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Sesame Workshop and the ‘Missing Middle,’ Blue Clue’s Celebrates Pride, Building the Kids Metaverse, the Circle Squad, Gen Z Gets Vaccinated!

Kid Culture Report [May 2021]

Source: “Blues Clues” YouTube Channel

Kids Media 🎥

“One of the primary lessons from The Missing Middle: Reimagining a Future for Tweens, Teens, and Public Media Cooney Center report is that public media can look to the content being created by Gen Z, streaming networks, and commercial media as examples of how to connect with the missing middle.” [Sesame Workshop]

Kids Pride 🏳‍🌈

In honor of LGBTQ Pride Month in June, “Blue’s Clues” published a video to their YouTube channel showcasing the “Blue’s Clues Pride Parade Sing-Along.” The sing-along features an animated version of drag queen Nina West. [TODAY Show]

Kids Gaming + Metaverse🎮

“The metaverse will have kid-safe and adult-only “neighborhoods.” Uniquely, though, users, including kids and teens, will themselves build much of the metaverse and shape its ethos.” [Techonomy]

COVID Kid Culture 🦠

“I’m proud of the kids. Like I told them, ‘It’s a year like no other.’ To have gone through it, they should be proud. It was a challenging year for sure.” [CPR News]

Kids Content 📺

Children’s content on PSB’s does more good than all the other genres put together. Children might be 19% of the population, but they are 100% of our future.” [BlueZoo]

Kids Privacy 🔐

The Council of Europe adopted a Declaration urging member states to bolster protections for children’s privacy and personal data. The council called for increased attention to children’s health data & information collected in educational settings. [COE]

Representation Matters 👦🏾

The creator of Kid President, Brad Montague, has a new kids book titled "Circles All Around Us" that celebrates inclusion, friendship, and kindness. Come join Brad’s Circle Squad! [Montague Workshop]

Kid Culture 🤣

Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street is a new documentary that tells the origin story of Sesame Street, the greatest kids’ television series of all time.” [The Guardian]

Social Impact 💖

Gen Z is getting creative to encourage other young people to get vaccinated. Yes, there’s even a TikTok dance. [TODAY Show]

Mental Health 🧠

Headspace and Sesame Workshop have teamed up on a new podcast project to help make bedtime a little easier. The podcast offers meditation & mindfulness techniques to help little ones relax during their bedtime routines. [Headspace]

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