Understanding the Career of Data Scientists in a Data Science Way

Are you ready for your brand new data science career? Here is what you should know about data scientist careers learned from data science

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Start from an everyday observation

Let’s start from an everyday observation from my personal experiences.

Does a data science role return you a happy career?

Below is the survey question that I was particularly interested in.

Career satisfaction survey question example
Career Satisfactions Comparison
  • However, the 18% of data scientists who are not happy with their jobs are also more than 16% software engineers.

Does a data science role lead to a healthier lifestyle?

Now we know data scientists are generally on “both sides of the happiness stick”, we would like to verify if data scientists are really living a healthier lifestyle. Here we naively quantify “healthier lifestyles” as “Hours spent on computers” and “meals skipped” survey questions. Obviously, we want less time spent on computers and fewer meals skipped.

Hours Spent on Computers Comparison
Meals Skipped Comparison

Do data scientists get paid higher salaries for skipping more meals?

Let’s say, even after I told you all these drawbacks of data science careers, you still want in (like I do). Will you earn a higher salary for doing these hard works? Well, yes… and no. It depends on where you live.

What skills are required to become a data scientist?

I get it. You still want to become a data scientist. What skills do you need? Let’s discuss the technical aspects first — programming. Well, is the database language SQL the only language you need to know?

Trends of Programming Languages Used from 2011–2018
% Contribute to Open Sources Comparison

What you should know if you have made it this far

So, yeah that wasn’t as short as you hoped for. Thank you for making it this far! So let’s do a small recap of what was discussed in this post.

I belong to this group

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