2020.01| Genaro Network (GNX) Monthly Technical Report — January

January Monthly Report

2020 is going to be a great year, with some breakthroughs in technology and large-scale development after verification ahead. In research and development, we will focus on the research and development of distributed storage protocols for structured data, learn ETH practice to support more verification use of the chain, as well as test and optimize new versions of distributed networks.

This month's focus is public chain development daily maintenance, the team sincerely hopes more & more users will deploy and give us the feedback, meanwhile, we have been developing template contracts to ensure stable use of the storage function. In terms of the storage layer, the function has been expanded, so that the storage can go beyond and isn't limited to the storage functionality itself. It’s the Spring Festival and we wish our friends in China a year of peace and joy.

Public chain layer:

* Public chain routine daily maintenance

* Managing log content and regular reviewing

* Supervisory channels added functions to close and suspend circulation

* Raspberry Pi nodes measured the capacity of different storage SDs, and performed contract execution and control functions

* GSIOP fusion of heterogeneous cross-chain methods, which improves the previous design, mainly reflected in the option of caching through storage methods during atomic transfer

* Multi-hardware network access test for uniqueness of intranet IP and routing address generation id

* Compilation of template smart contracts

* Creation of corresponding user instructions manual

Storage layer:

* New version of bridge experimental test, ip test, ipv6 and ipv4 compatibility issues adjustment

* The protocol buffer is developed in the retrieval method of the original storage provider, and the request method is designed

* The development of image encryption metadata to meet the functions of encrypted photography

* Investigated the bottom layer of J3M and developed its java version

* Handled react and slate issues and debugging

Future Outlook

In 2020 Genaro’s technology exploration, code submission, R&D and practice will never stop in all the aspects including the public chain, storage and mining pool. We look forward to the excellent technology developers start the trial, join the community and exchange ideas with Genaro team and make valuable suggestions regarding our products. For further development updates, please stay tuned to the official media channels of the Genaro Network project.

Breaking News: The first edition of the GSIOP protocol is officially released

On February 20, 2019, Singapore time, Genaro Network, the world’s first smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture, integrating a public blockchain with decentralized storage officially released the first version of the GSIOP protocol. This is not only the product of nearly a year hard work of the Genaro entire team of engineers, but it also marks Genaro’s new milestone in the practical application of cross-chain technology.

Breaking News: G.A.O. (Genaro Alpha One) is officially launched

Genaro Network, the future of Smart Data Ecosystem for DApps, invites you to witness the new era of smart data, empowered by the revolutionary serverless interactive system!

Recommended reading: Genaro public network mainnet officially launched | Community Guide

Download Technical Yellow Paper

Genaro’s latest versions, Genaro Eden and Genaro Eden Sharer, will allow you to store your files in a more secure way and share your unused storage to earn GNX.

Get your Genaro Eden/Sharer for Linux, Windows and MAC OS right now from the official website:

Git source repository is on GitHub>>


Warm reminder to our community members, please download Genaro Eden ONLY from our official website/GitHub and DO NOT trust any referral links and reposts from anyone, otherwise, we won’t be able to guarantee privacy and security of your data and protect you from scammers.

Genaro Eden — The first decentralized application on the Genaro Network, providing everyone with a trustworthy Internet and a sharing community:

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About Genaro Network

The Genaro Network is the first smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture, integrating a public blockchain with decentralized storage. Genaro pioneered the combination of SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) with PoS (Proof of Stake) to form a new consensus mechanism, ensuring stronger performance, better security and a more sustainable blockchain infrastructure. Genaro provides developers with a one-stop platform to deploy smart contracts and store the data needed by DAPPs simultaneously. Genaro Network’s mission is to ensure the secure migration of the core Internet infrastructure to the blockchain.

Official Telegram Community: https://t.me/GenaroNetworkOfficial

Telegram Community (Russian): https://t.me/GenaroNetworkOfficial_Ru



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Genaro Network (GNX)

Genaro Network (GNX)

First smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture. See full blog at Smart Data Ecosystem Publication or https://medium.com/genaro-network