The Genaro Ecosystem

What is it?

It is time to introduce a concept whose next major growth phase lies in the near future: the Genaro Ecosystem. What exactly is this ‘ecosystem’ and how will it work?

If the ‘Genaro Network’ refers to a broad set of elements focused on Genaro’s public blockchain and storage nodes, the ‘Genaro Ecosystem’ is an even broader term. By ‘ecosystem’ we mean the whole set of connections, collaborations and virtual and physical spaces where companies and individuals can thrive, using the storage of Genaro Eden’s node network and other resources as a foundation for their projects, both in localized spaces and spread out across the world.

Genaro’s partnerships with blockchain startups and services providers (notably U Network, Storj and Zilliqa) form the beginnings of this ecosystem, and the upcoming phases of development will see the inception of physical spaces to foster growth and collaboration.

From the beginning, Genaro has intended to foster the development of Distributed Applications (DAPPs) and other ventures through spaces and support programs. We mean to adapt a set of structures (accelerators and co-working and co-living spaces) that are already used to encourage development in a variety of fields, including Hardware, Robotics, AI, Fintech and more. Here, the ‘ecosystem’ will also benefit partners in particular ways via the use of blockchain.

Thus far Genaro’s ecosystem development has concentrated on the online elements: technological collaborations with blockchain companies, and the community of sharers and developers storing their data on nodes and performing transactions using GNX. Next, Genaro aims to create the ideal environment for the establishment of different projects in the real world: Genaro Ventures.

Genaro Ventures

Since the founding of Y Combinator and others like it in the early noughties, accelerator and incubator programs (the terms are closely interlinked, with ‘incubator’ used more often for government-sponsored growth programs that do not tend to take equity in return for support) have played a significant role in developing key sectors of the tech economy in places like San Francisco. In several cases startup companies (Google, Facebook) have grown immensely successful and created accelerator initiatives of their own. It is Genaro’s aim to create a program that will foster the development of DAPPS, as well as other projects that will store their data on Genaro’s node network and likely conduct some part of their crucial early development through the Ventures.

Genaro Ventures is committed to providing all-round support for related venture projects in the blockchain field. In addition to early support, the services that can be provided include basic services and value-added services. Basic services include business model diagnosis, community building, financing consulting, etc. Value-added services include blockchain programming and development support, entrepreneurial knowledge training, blockchain technical training, cross-market promotion and public relations training, team support, one-to-one tutoring assistance with counseling and legal advice. This is where Genaro Ventures sets itself aside from other incubators.

Genaro Ventures has a global vision and will implement a strategic expansion plan based on the actual situation of the project overall. Through various presentations, salons, exhibitions, competitions and forums, Genaro Ventures will build a platform for its members to connect more talents, projects, partners and investors.

In addition to providing services for various projects (mainly, technology and innovation) the central place given to GNX will encourage the use of Genaro Eden and Sharer to store data. Meanwhile, scalable DAPP development will grow blockchain technology in general, creating a ‘virtuous circle’ for both the Genaro Ecosystem and the wider blockchain community. Within the space of the Ventures there will be room to innovate with the possibilities of a more physical, localized token economy, with certain services or sharing of resources being recompensed with GNX.

While the focus of the Ventures will be DAPPs linked directly to blockchain, the possibilities for collaboration are very great and could extend to many areas. The linking theme will be a need to store and organize data on a large scale and with impeccable security. Sectors of interest could include projects focused on energy efficiency, urban planning and smart cities, automation and IOT applications.

Finally, with the healthy germination and early growth of the ecosystem thus far, we can already see how the practical and ambitious framing of the Genaro Network encourages the establishment of thriving physical spaces to host the real-world heart of an ecosystem that also stretches around the virtual, networked world.

Looking Forward

Central to the evolution of the Genaro Ecosystem is the building and fine-tuning of the software platforms that allow users to interact with the Genaro blockchain, storage network and GNX economy. The first DAPP to be built on the network is Genaro Eden, which was launched in working test versions in early 2018 and is about to be launched in a fully monetized iteration: Genaro Eden Business Edition.

With the launch of Eden Business Edition the application scenarios are innumerable. A large number of DAPPs in the future will need data storage and processing. Genaro will provide corresponding services. Looking at the development of Genaro Eden, the main change in the Business Edition is to provide point-to-point storage of structured data. It also applies shredding to the database for distributed storage. At the same time, technologies such as searchable encryption can still satisfy the operations of database searching, modification, and sharing. Smart contracts guarantee the sharing of data or data usage rights and each transaction is recorded in the chain. For companies, one of the most valuable asset types is data assets. Enterprise Edition will return the ownership of data of each enterprise user to users, effectively protect their assets and help them release value.

Blockchain applications represent the next generation of the Internet. From the technical point of view, blockchain is a database and a data storage method. In terms of a broader scope, some privacy, security, and other aspects of the upgrade of the Internet must be relevant. The supporting settings, such as Ethereum virtual machine can be compared to a CPU, Ethereum SWARM can be analog memory and Genaro Eden can be analogous to a hard disk. Each component needs continuous improvement and better integration with other components. Just as the Internet has undergone many technological upgrades since its development in the 1990s, the R&D we do now is likely to be surpassed later — yet the subsequent technological updates must be based on the completion of this step.

As for the economic model, it can be said that blockchain is truly a shared economy, with the capacity to protect one of the most valuable things in the contemporary era: the data owned by each of us.

Genaro’s latest versions, Genaro Eden and Genaro Eden Sharer, will allow you to store your files in a more secure way and share your unused storage to earn GNX. To download Genaro Eden and begin storing and sharing, follow this link:

Get your Genaro Eden/Sharer for Linux, Windows and MAC OS right now from the official website:

Git source repository is on GitHub>>


Warm reminder to our community members, please download Genaro Eden ONLY from our official website/GitHub and DO NOT trust any referral links and reposts from anyone, otherwise, we won’t be able to guarantee privacy and security of your data and protect you from scammers.

Genaro Eden — The first decentralized application on the Genaro Network, providing everyone with a trustworthy Internet and a sharing community:

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- About Genaro Network -

The Genaro Network, the creator of the Blockchain 3.0 Ecosystem, is the first Turing-complete public chain that incorporates a decentralized storage network. Genaro’s original SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) with PoS (Proof of Stake) mixed consensus mechanism aims to create a blockchain platform with a processing speed of tens of thousands of transactions per second, which opens the way for the technological shift to move data from centralized clouds to blockchain with decentralized storage. Genaro offers developers a one-stop combined platform for deploying smart contracts and storing the data needed for DAPPs, while also providing everyone with a more trustworthy Internet and a sharing community.

Official Website:


Telegram Community:




The Genaro Network is the first smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture, integrating a public blockchain with decentralized storage.

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Genaro Network (GNX)

Genaro Network (GNX)

First smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture. See full blog at Smart Data Ecosystem Publication or

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