Zilliqa and Genaro to Join Efforts for a Scalable Blockchain

On Apr. 24, 2018, Genaro and Zilliqa have announced a new partnership to improve the speed and scalability of blockchain technology and ecosystems.

The Genaro Network is creating the first Turing-complete public blockchain with decentralized storage. Genaro’s mission includes building an ecosystem consisting of partnerships with key strategic players seeking to unlock the potential of blockchain. Genaro’s collaborative moves to date have included joining associations for the crypto-economy as well as investment-centered and technological partnerships.

The latest of these collaborations represents a potential solution to the trickier problems now affecting blockchain: speed of block formation and data storage.

In April 2018 Genaro announced a forthcoming engagement with Zilliqa, a high-speed blockchain project that seeks to break through the scalability barrier and process thousands of transactions per second (TPS). Sharding allows for transactions to be processed in parallel and as the network grows larger, the number of transactions that can be processed grows almost linearly. This approach increases efficiency in resource utilization and makes the throughput rate of Zilliqa much higher than the present transaction rate of Ethereum and other blockchains. In a recent experiment on their testnet in March 2018, Zilliqa achieved a throughput of 2,000 TPS with 1,000 nodes, while optimistic estimates for the Ethereum + Casper upgrade (which may be some way from completion) put the cap at around 1,000 TPS. With sharding, Zilliqa aims to reach throughput levels that can rival that of Visa/MasterCard. Zilliqa has released their first public testnet at https://explorer.zilliqa.com.

This makes partnering with Zilliqa a promising prospect for both parties. Zilliqa’s efficient sharding and high speed processing works well with the storage capacity and DAPP ecosystem of the Genaro Network. Meanwhile, as Zilliqa has been making good progress on their development, Genaro has launched Genaro Eden Beta (March 2018), which includes working storage and sharing on the Genaro blockchain. This working iteration paves the way for Genaro Eden Enterprise Edition, after which Zilliqa-based DAPP developers can potentially store their projects’ structured data in Genaro, while benefitting from Zilliqa’s TPS breakthrough. Furthermore, Genaro Eden will also serve as a storage solution for Zilliqa’s block data to be stored in the decentralized storage network.

The Zilliqa team has a strong research background with PhDs from top universities around the world, while the Genaro team is development-oriented with top engineers from the internet and blockchain industry. Engineers on both teams will be engaging in extensive R&D together in the near future to explore fundamental blockchain problems such as payment systems and storage privacy-preserving, searchable encryption.

For the next steps, Zilliqa and Genaro are working on linking the tokens of both projects. Zilliqa miners and DAPP developers will be able to pay for storage on Genaro in ZILs, the token of the Zilliqa blockchain. In future, the teams will work out a fair conversion rate for ZIL and GNX and on a relay with two-way pegging. Users will be able to convert ZILs into GNXs for further use on Genaro, allowing for extra storage without additional conversion fees. Genaro users can also run DAPPs on Zilliqa by spending gas fees in GNX. The payment relay will reduce the need for token conversion and provide users in the larger ecosystem the benefits of great storage and transaction speeds at the same time.

Genaro wishes to provide privacy-preserving distributed storage for developers, companies and single users. In the case of public blockchain data, e.g., DS and TX blocks, Zilliqa users can offload them to storage providers in Genaro. However, if DAPPs need to process private data, the data has to be encrypted and carefully stored. With proof of retrievability and data availability, Genaro can ensure the integrity and availability of unstructured and encrypted private data.

Genaro engineers are working on performing searches and other complex operations on encrypted data. With the added expertise from the Zilliqa team, Genaro hopes to explore potential solutions for privacy issues in existing DAPPs. Both teams will be researching ways to provide storage on DAPPs that will be protected, private and functional using methods such as searchable encryption, oblivious ram, homomorphic encryption and other crypto primitives.

Genaro CEO Larry Liu has stated that, ‘Zilliqa represents the next generation of blockchain platforms — faster and more secure. Genaro has exactly the same goal. Genaro is glad to have Zilliqa as a long-term strategic partner. I believe the R&D we will do together will benefit the whole blockchain ecosystem.’

Zilliqa CEO Xinshu Dong commented, ‘We are looking forward to our collaboration with Genaro Network to explore ways to efficiently store and retrieve the huge amounts of data generated on our high-throughput blockchain. This will be a great opportunity to push the boundaries of today’s blockchain research and development.’

To sum it up: Genaro + Zilliqa = Greater Storage Capacity and Greater Speed for a Next Generation Public Chain

Genaro’s latest versions, Genaro Eden and Genaro Eden Sharer, will allow you to store your files in a more secure way and share your unused storage to earn GNX. To download Genaro Eden and begin storing and sharing, follow this link: https://genaro.network/en/genaro_eden/

Get your Genaro Eden/Sharer for Linux, Windows and MAC OS right now from the official website:

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Warm reminder to our community members, please download Genaro Eden ONLY from our official website/GitHub and DO NOT trust any referral links and reposts from anyone, otherwise, we won’t be able to guarantee privacy and security of your data and protect you from scammers.

Genaro Eden — The first decentralized application on the Genaro Network, providing everyone with a trustworthy Internet and a sharing community:

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The Genaro Network, the creator of the Blockchain 3.0 Ecosystem, is the first Turing-complete public chain that incorporates a decentralized storage network. Genaro’s original SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) with PoS (Proof of Stake) mixed consensus mechanism aims to create a blockchain platform with a processing speed of tens of thousands of transactions per second, which opens the way for the technological shift to move data from centralized clouds to blockchain with decentralized storage. Genaro offers developers a one-stop combined platform for deploying smart contracts and storing the data needed for DAPPs, while also providing everyone with a more trustworthy Internet and a sharing community.

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