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Day 1 of “Camp NFH” In The Books!

If you haven’t heard, the majority of the Non-Fungible Heroes/BBCo Studios team has assembled for a week of team meetings, lovingly referred to as Camp NFH. has been gracious enough to host team members from around the world at his home, and we’re rolling up our sleeves for some strategic planning.

The Roll Call

All the way from Brazil (they flew over a full day to get here!) are our artists, Gus and of @madverse. After a quick stopover in LA the last few days, they’ve been seeking the full American experience, including The Cheesecake Factory and Olive Garden.

I flew in yesterday from the east coast, meeting Suspenser at the airport upon arrival. It was, perhaps, one of the best car rides of my life as Shaman’s puppy, Winnie, snuggled up with me in the backseat the entire ride.

The west coast crew include , RMRM, and , who all arrived by car throughout the day yesterday. As each one arrived at Camp NFH the collective excitement level grew, with people we have only chatted with on Google Meets and Discord became real.

Today, one of the founders of BBCo/NFH, Vee, will make his way to California from South Africa, and our other founder, MJ will join us later in the week.

Getting Down to Business

Lead of the Development team, RMRM, took center stage last night as we reviewed the tools that we’ve launched since we last met together in December ’21. From our gallery to our token and marketplace, to our play-and-earn game to our comics (as well as some top secret behind the scenes tools), we reviewed just how far we’ve come from a product and development perspective, and what our potential next steps are for generating revenue from the tools built to date.

As we look ahead to today and the days to come, we’ve got an agenda set to explore the future of Non-Fungible Heroes, BBCo Studios and more. We’re slated to do some competitive research and analysis, as well as review potential partners and collabs to ensure our projects launch and grow as strong as they can. We’re reviewing drop and community strategies to see what’s breaking through the bear market, and taking some very exciting meetings around the Bay Area.

The Fun

To express my respect and appreciation for this incredible team, I did the only thing I know how: I cooked. I brought fresh cherry tomatoes from my garden in Connecticut, and made my family’s signature bruschetta for sharing. The debate remains: Do I need to return to the grocery store and get the fixings to make cookies or brownies for this group?



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