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Our travel app consulting for a client

The benefits of using PMT are limited as we are saying, “picture my travels”. Lets take this as an example:

Question 1: Dude I want to go to Croatia and am trying to work on the net to find out some good places to visit?

Answer 1 (PMT): Why don’t you go check this application on Facebook called Picture My Travels. Over there you could picture my travels and make your holiday plan. Does this sound right? Shouldn’t it have been:

Answer 2 (PYT): Why don’t you go check this application on Facebook called Picture your Travels. Over there you could picture your travels by going through your friends profiles or my profiles and see how they worked their holiday out.

  1. Benefits of PYT as compared to PMT are there during advertisements also as Picture Your Travels will by universal it will always come out as “your” which is more polite in a conversation than “My” as is the case with Picture My travels.

Here our thought process has currently been that we will try and be interactive with the user. We do not want a lot of clutter on the page, but what we want is that the user should feel that once they sign up for this website they will be looking at a better travel planner for their future travels i.e. the “Travel Genie” should be some one who is serious about helping them plan through a very personal network. Therefore I think that the “Travel Heat Map” will show the user that this “travel Genie” is serious about being personal as it really wants to help me plan my travels to various cities or countries by asking me about that. The user should be made to think that the “Travel Genie” is going to somehow take my future destinations data and help me “Plan my Travels” (Here again if we go to point no. 1 it can be seen that PYT as the domain name and PMT as the tool name would be more apt, as we then first say picture your travels and once you have personalized your travels the “Travel Genie” will help make it Plan My Travel.) If we are able to make the user feel this way I think we are half way through in helping them to sign up with us. This message should be conveyed on the page itself. The following points should be the guidelines to make this world map.

  1. The map should have 2 pins, which would be like color pencils. The user will pick the ‘first’ color, which will be visible on the screen. The user will take this ‘PIN” and put it on various places they have travelled. Once this is done 2 things will happen simultaneously. First the areas of the map left untouched will turn into a different color showing the user the places they have not visited and subsequently the other “PIN” will become ready to be used by the user. This pin can also come up as a pop-up saying ‘Hold me” or something. The user will then take this “PIN” which signifies where they want to go and would mark their next 5 holiday destinations on the map. Once they do this we will be able to make a more “FOCUSSED” search on the net for this user. I am restricting this to 5 as our search will be easier and better and also the data being less will become easy to process in the MPV stage. (We are not restricting the user search reach, as the search starts later on, but we are helping our filtration and presentation teams to filter and present the data in a more concise manner. We can add the number of future countries or cities in the future once we have refined our search and filtration process)
  2. Some where around the map we should be able to post a disclaimer saying why we want the user to use this map. We need to come across as being an ethical company where ever we can by what ever tools we can use. Therefore I believe we should show such things wherever questions could arise with regards to data threat, etc.
  3. We should end this segment by letting the user know that the “Travel Genie” is hard at work for them and that they should go and sign in the next segment.
  4. Here we need to somehow also push them to signing in through Facebook or if we are hosting the page on Facebook then the strategy could change. But we are sure of the fact that only Facebook can help such a product get instant data.
  5. SIGN — UP:

The issue of signing up through Facebook has been discussed in detail in our meeting on Saturday, 18th of July 2015. I don’t know how to pen it down and therefore I am leaving it open for inputs from the tech team.


Upon signing up a light color table should open up on the same page. This table has been designed to ask the user as to what are their interests when they travel.






















This if filled by the user will give us an insight into their likes and holiday preferences and therefore we could help make the filtration process for that user more customized. The user experience will get better with this feature.


Now the user has come to a point where they are ready to start the search for their holiday destination.

The moment the user completes the form the pop up disappears and instead of its place or below it the ‘Start Your Search’ section opens up.

We ask the users 3 questions here:

  1. Select Location from where the Travel will start
  2. Select City where the user intends to travel, OR
  3. Select a Country where the user intends to travel.

Our search should pick up data from here also for e.g. If the user selects a city where they want to go then their interests between №1 to №12 should be the ones where the search should be focused, etc., etc.

We finish this section probably by saying “LET THE SEARCH BEGIN”

Or we can finish it by saying that let the “Travel Genie” start its work.


This is the second page of the website. The page should have the following things not necessarily in this order.

  1. The friend's name and profile picture (just the way on Facebook)
  2. The pictures of the friend in that area with name of the place or any other tagging beneath it.
  3. We also need to decide which friends pictures come up first and in this case I think we should try and find out the most social activity between 2 friends and let those show up. This can be done from comments, likes, following someone, etc.
  4. On the right side of the picture 2 things need to be shown:
  5. An icon, which should be clickable showing which all social chat networks you, could send this picture to and start chats with your friends. (I asked one of my uncles that if I see his picture on Facebook and send him a whats app message would he respond to me. His answer was “Surely I would do it, Today travel is all about exploring and helping)

I read an article today, the discussion is on the issue of how travel companies should strengthen their social identity. The article says that Travel is, after all, a deeply social activity, but few Indian OTA’s have managed to crack the social code. Where Suresh Babu says, founder of Web Marketing Academy in Bengaluru says that while most companies routinely use social media for advertising, none has managed to build a great social brand, which, he says is “all about becoming part of the conversation”.

  1. A small write up just like the way Facebook does with 1 or 2 lines written about the place and then the thing dims down should come. A person should be able to click on this and once he does the webpage or something else, which, is there on the net, should open up and the person should be able to get onto that site. This is where our revenue generation from advertisement starts.
  2. The bottom of the page should show the names and profile pics of 2 of the next friends on the list or show this in a tabular form with their profile pictures and rank against them.
  3. In the search we also have to figure out where we will put the pictures from the homepages of the country or city, which are also present on Facebook and are public pages. I feel we should show the country page or country pictures as the 3rd option.
  4. This page should also have another inbuilt function, which ‘wakes up’ the “Travel Genie”. The moment the user clicks on either the picture displayed on this page, or starts a chat with a friend or clicks the write up on the restaurant the information should be immediately sent to the “Travel Genie” which in turn starts to find out about that place.

The “Travel Genie” is the last part of our MVP. Once a picture comes to the TG, the TG starts to find out details with regards to the place.

This page needs a lot of discussion and it would be great if we could brainstorm about this after viewing the following 3 sites together:





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