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The Preseed H.R system is a funnel.

Preseed uses job recruiting sources such as Angellist, Has job etc.

  • The H.R enters the funnel through sources such as Angellist, Linkedin Preseed page and

Lot of applicants apply on Preseed’s job posts on Angellist and Hasjobs. We need adequate information about the H.R to take things forward.

  1. Every person reaching this point has to fill the relevant Preseed application form, so we can get adequate information about the candidate which will be submitted through the form.

Preseed uses some utility tools such as Typeform, Trello, Zapier, Google Spreadsheet to ease the human resource trafficking and seamlessly move ahead.

  • The forms are submitted and the information is stored in the Typeform.

After having talks with them, Preseed EA, Gencosys will provide the H.R with quality and sufficient information about the following.

  • Preseed

Here the H.R is converted into preseed’s in-house H.R.

  • When he is proved to be a good fit to work with Preseed, t



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