Let’s “Spill the T!”

A new digital dispatch by Gender from the Trenches

GftT is super excited to announce that we’ll soon be bringing you “Spill the T,” a sort of digital dispatch that’s our newest communication/connection effort during these extremely difficult times — where a global pandemic and social distancing have drastically shaped the way we live our lives, now, and perhaps for the foreseeable future.

“Spill the T” is not the same as the periodic letters that all GftT followers receive (if they opt in via email). This will instead be more like a newsletter (but way better)! We’re still in the late planning stages, but it will include exclusive, free, trans-friendly content for all ages & stages. Like, a periodic roundup of blog posts or featured stories, helpful resources, info on upcoming virtual event offerings, best practices, tips, inspiration, FAQs, writer spotlights, and more.

If you’d like to receive occasional emails featuring this exclusive content delivered straight to your inbox, take a moment to do these two easy steps:

  1. Be sure you’re following our publication on Medium. This ensures you’ll receive our regular monthly letters & have access to most of our stories.
  2. Sign up below for our upcoming digital dispatch, “Spill the T” — exclusive content from (and for) the trans community.
    (We won’t spam you. Promise. We hate spam.)

Ready to sign up? Use the form at the bottom!

Gender from the Trenches (GftT) is a publication on Medium committed to amplifying voices from the trans community. Through authentic stories of trans adults and parents of trans kids, GftT aims to inform as much as inspire. Brought to you by writer, trans advocate, and “MamaBear” Martie Sirois, GftT invites you to step out of your comfort zone, explore gender, and see beyond the binary.

Interested in sharing your story with us here at GftT? We’re currently accepting writers. Please check out our submission guidelines tab first, then contact martiesirois@gmail.com for more info.



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