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The Odd Uneven Time

Aug. 2019 Newsletter, Gender from the Trenches

Hello, lovely GftT community! It’s the middle of August already, and I’m only one week away from going back to my day job — the one that pays the bills — for the public school system where I work. I can’t promise a GftT newsletter will come monthly anymore, but I’ll try to update and send one as regularly as I’m able.

Seems like I just woke up on the first day of summer break with nothing before me but time and a clean slate, and yet, here we are at the tail end and I feel like I’ve hardly accomplished any of the stuff I set out to do. But, such is life, I suppose. I did get all the important stuff done, though, like spending time with my family.

I don’t know about where you live, but here in south, August is miserable. My mom recently told me something she heard, and it’s absolutely true:

“If you want to know what summer in N.C. is like, take a hot shower, get out of the shower, and then put on all your clothes, without drying off.”

Of course, in North Carolina, summer extends itself longer and longer by the year, more recently, through at least mid-November. There are even a few Christmases I can recall where it was in the 60’s.

In the Augusts of North Carolina, summer heat becomes oppressive and heavy. Humidity adds yet another layer, creating more of a tropical rain forest vibe. Mosquitoes, who nagged a bit all summer, now swarm our yards like birds flying south for the winter. Each morning, the cacophony of all different species of cicadas wakes us with their familiar summer song, and they serenade again at dusk.

The whole month is like one last groan of summer’s breath before the inevitable end when all of nature’s green dries up and dies; it’s an ending of sorts. And yet, also a beginning — with new school years, new seasons, and new activities coming… but we’re not quite there yet.

Syliva Plath described it best:

“August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.”

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

As we prepare to head into fall, take some time to look back over some of the pieces shared on GftT since July. We’ve gained more writers, and have published some poetry celebrating being trans, as well an essay on the toll it takes on a trans person when they’re called “brave,” from Branwen Rhiannon Drew.

Starting off the month of July was our first non-binary writer (woohoo!) Zanne Nilsson, on discovering their identity in a century-old comic strip called “Krazy Kat.” Mid-July, Ryan Theodosia revealed an instance of cisgender privilege on full display in the NYT — from the perspective of a non-binary person, as well as thoughts on navigating non-binary existence in a binary world. Laura-Ann Marie Charlot wondered, what defines a “real woman,” and Mx. Drew Marie Lewis explained “finding my truth” as an identity evolution. I spoke about what I’d learned from another trans woman, regarding what’s really behind homophobia and transphobia, and Kira Wertz speaks from the heart on dating experiences, hating the player and the game.

Zackary Drucker for The Gender Spectrum Collection

As I mentioned last month, we’re living in a time of dire need for trans visibility, and especially, for authentic voices from the trans community — not just the glorified Hollywood movie stars. From the unique perspectives of both trans adults, and parents raising trans kids, Gender From The Trenches (GftT) aims to inform, enlighten, and inspire. Through authentic storytelling, GftT is committed to amplifying transgender voices to help connect, foster empathy and spark meaningful dialogue.

We’re seeking more writers who’d like to publish their stories here at GftT. Specifically, up next, we’d love to hear about and share your personal experiences regarding victories and celebrations — whether big or small, as well as stories that dive deep into obstacles and low points. We’re still seeking more stories of coming out (or not coming out) as transgender; your small moment stories, or your bigger than life ones that reflect on what it is to be a trans (or genderqueer, or two spirit, etc…) trans person, and especially, a trans person of color.

Will your voice be added to the conversation?

If interested, contact Martie Sirois at: (double-check your spelling on that!)

Also, we have a fledgling Facebook and Twitter presence — be sure to link up and follow us if you’re there — and share, share, share!

Til next time, in solidarity,

Martie Sirois



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