A must-have checklist, for professionals.

The checklist, every professional needs to set up for a new role or project.

Selection Phase:

1. Know the client and understand what the project demands.

  • Client’s background — industry, products, size/scale, location, history.
  • The context in which the client is operating.
  • The department in which the client lead is working in and how that fits within the organization.
  • Purpose of the project.
  • The end result required.
  • Other resources you might need during the project.
  • The time frame for delivery.
  • List the technical skills that the client requires along with past examples that demonstrate your capability in those fields.
  • List the soft skills required for the project and how well you exhibit the same.
  • What part of the project you may struggle to complete — how can you mitigate this. Ask any questions about the project that would mitigate these.

Before starting the project work

3. Clarify all details essential for execution.

  • any designated non-working days or holidays.
  • any time of the day when you would not be available.
  • (when appropriate) that you like working evening or weekends.



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