Martha McSally — Victim or Predator?

A U.S. Senator, Martha McSally, claims that she was “raped” in the Air Force.

A female Senator claims she was “raped” in the Air Force

Let’s take a look at the reality.

Under the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) any man in the armed forces who has consensual sex with a woman of lower rank has committed “rape.” [Note that a woman can rape as men military men as she pleases but, does not face consequences under the UCMJ].

This outdated and sexist law came from the early days of our armed forces when women occupied support roles. It was designed to impose strict liability on men, for having sex with women, who might have sex merely because the man had superior rank.

That doesn’t mean there was any force involved. The woman is free to prey upon superior officers, ask for consensual sex, and, then accuse the superior officer of rape.

She has presented no evidence and no way to check her story. However, if she was not physically forced into sex, and, the sex was otherwise consensual, then she herself is guilty of serious misconduct, and, she should have been dishonorably discharged for conduct unbecoming an officer.

That’s why she didn’t report it. It was consensual, and, she knew that it would end her career, as well as the career of the officer with which she engaged in conduct unbecoming.

What are her motives for claiming she was “raped” so that the audience would automatically assume that she was a victim?

It’s about power and nothing but power for her.

She is typical of the female sex predator, in the Senate, who claim victim status, and, raise rape hysteria to empower women to falsely accuse men with whom they have had sex.

These female sex predators want to take advantage of old rules and old stereotypes about men in the military to enhance their sexual power in the military and in Congress.

They abuse this power to get pregnant, often, so that they can avoid duty assignments, and, receive taxpayer funded benefits for their own edification through military health services.

These female sex predators also use false accusations against superior officers in order to get revenge on superior officers, and, very often to disrupt the chain of command.

Still other female sex predators in the Senate, such as Kirsten Gillibrand, want the power to accuse men in the military as a means of advancing her hatred of men and masculinity. Her rape hysteria hearings led to the false conviction of a naval cadet. The admiral rigged the hearing (by his own later admission) to convict the young man, because of Gillibrand’s predatory abuse of the Senate, to pressure false convictions in the military against men even when they are innocent.

Gillibrands’ abuse of the Senate led to an innocent man’s conviction. The Admiral later admitted, under oath, to an appeals court that he had rigged the jury to placate Gillibrand’s KKK’ish lynching of men in the military.

If we expect to have a military with men serving in it, then we need some serious punishment for women who use the old stereotypes of being innocent victims as a means of persecuting men.

It’s time for the military to wake up and smell the female sex predators in its midst.