A Nation for Her means a Nation for ALL

The reason as to why we live in a patriarchal nation is due to the masculinization of the nation and its institutions. In Joane Nagel’s “Masculinity and Nationalism: Gender and Sexuality in the making of Nations” argues we live in a masculine nation built by a masculine government and masculine military. What she means by this is that the military is male dominated and even women in the military have to be masculinized. If they are not masculinized, Cynthia Enloe says women are used in the military for different purposes then men. One example is women walking with male soldiers because women are not perceived as a threat. Women who are not involved in the military are seen as those who need to be protected.

“We are not expected to defend our country, run our country, or represent our country.”

Women can protect themselves. They have the capabilities to do so. Women should not have to be masculinized to join the military or to move up the ranks. A woman can also have courage, discipline, strength and competitiveness. Those characterisitics which Mosse assigns to “normative masculinity” are not just exclusive to what he believes to be normative males. Women, men, and transgender can also have those characteristics without having to portray masculinity.

When Admiral Michelle J. Howard became the first female four-star in the navy Colonel Krewasky A. Salter stated it was due to her capability. The hierarchy in the military should be based upon merit and not include factors such as gender. Admiral Michelle J. Howard should be an example to all branches in the United States and other countries. She protects and defends this country because she is capable to do so not because she is a male or acts like one. As an admiral she has the duty of commanding ships. In one instance she took on the duty to rescue the commander of a container ship named the Maersk Alabama from pirates on Somalia’s coast.

When women reach higher ranks in the military it does not mean that the harassment stops. Lieutenant Courtney Wilson said she had to fight two wars- the one going on outside the branch and the one within. At times those in her platoon would mock her walk or tease her on her looks. If you change the way the environment in the military it will be better for all regardless of gender and sexuality.

“I wonder whether it might not be true that a woman has no nation.”

Women should be allowed to defend and run this country at all ranks and levels. It is a country that we all contribute to and that we are all a part of. The reasons I believe that Joane Nagel states that we need to feminize the nation is that it will serve for the benefit of all individuals. With the current nation we live in now it is male dominated in all aspects. If more women can feminize it, then we will all benefit in more ways than one. To do so what we need to do according to Nagel is shift our focus from going to war to building schools, passing women’s health rights, and health care. Those are all that areas in which all benefit.

Do not all women, men, and transgender go to schools and benefit from it? With better education policies individuals and the nation will be better off.