First off, before I begin this article of me ranting on about how screwed up and two faced this world is, I would like to start off with a poem.

“No, Not Yet.”

They say what you see is what you get

But let me reassure you; don’t judge me on my appearance just yet.

First point, yes I am a woman, a BLACK woman living in a racial world

Where my only occupation is supposed to be in fast food, a baby mama or better yet just a whore.

But like I said, don’t judge me just yet!

So what is a “woman’s” role?

Is it to cook? Clean? Stay fit? Reproduce?

What if I want to be the “man” of the house? Is that an option I can choose?

Seeing as how my people and many other “colored” people had no choice in choosing their life

Usually we were told what to do and how to do it, kind of like how white men made us believe we were only good enough to fuck but never make their wives.

Why is it that when colored people are raped, it’s because we deserve it, because we were intentionally being seductive?

BUT! Why can’t we dress how we want without someone trying to take over our bodies, make comments, or destroy us in a destructive..…


How is that men are superior

But women are inferior?

But, WAIT! Don’t judge us just yet!

So can I ask, who made up these BS stereotypes, because last time I checked women are doing well off without men

Let me tell you why, because women are able to cook, clean, oh and have jobs too, so no need for men because a female can please us just as well too.

Sad that we’re living in a world where we must judge and be judged by usually people who are irrelevant

But cool thing about that is it means nothing because like I said you shouldn’t have judged us by our appearance, just yet.

So let me reassure you, I am not a feminist, nor am I a “MAD” black woman,

I am merely a college student with a 4.0 GPA, no kids, well-paid job, living in this racially biased world.

So I made a mistake and stated before “don’t judge us by appearance just yet”,

But let me take that back and say don’t judge us at all because you’ll never understand something that’s already deeply rooted inside of you, and this I can bet.

So overall, this poem is to reassure people not to judge women and better yet not even men. We live in such a structured world where we only know to believe that each gender is categorized into specific roles. I.e. women are the homemakers while men are the breadwinners. A prime example would be the Flo progressive commercial.

Uhmm… so after watching that commercial and seeing as how it came out in 2015, it is clearly apparent that many people still believe women are not supposed to have jobs, and if you listened closely to the end, the guy in the commercial asks “where is your husband?” as if she is his property, and she is on the loose. The article “The Dialectic of Sex,” talks about the biological family. It states that “Engles did observe that the original divison of labour was between man and woman for the purpose of child-breeding; that within the family the husband was the owner, the wife the means of production, the children the labour. Further into the article it mentions how women were made dependent on males for “physical survival.” Why is it that back then and even according to the commercial in the “modern” day time women are supposed to be nothing but homemakers and property of our men. Ironically if we think about it, women are the ones who breast feed the children and birth the children, and even the very men who tend to want to control us women, and once again we must ask ourselves why? And how did this come upon? All I know is that women do not need men nor do men need women and we need to let that dumb idea go because at the end of the day when we leave this earth it is usually by ourselves. And if we sit around and wait for someone to take care of us or fall into our gender roles, we are merely nothing but robots, and I personally refuse to have someone program me.