It’s a Man’s World, We Just Live in It

In a nation that was built on the basis of equality it’s obvious to see that the men writing the constitution were not thinking of the women in their nation. Although the nation is often thought of in a feminine way, the people who protect it are given adjectives that are masculine. The people who have to protect mother earth are often men who are thought of as men or women with “honour, patriotism, cowardice, and bravery” (Negal 251–52). The adjectives described by Joane Negal in Masculinity and Nationalism: Gender and Sexuality in the Making of Nations” are what she describes as “hard to distinguish as either nationalistic or masculinist” (Negal 252). In it being difficult to even distinguish which term it is describing shows how related both terms are, how one in order to be nationalistic they’d have too masculinist.

The most talked about women who are running for president are Hilary Clinton and Carly FIiorina. Although they weren’t the first women to run for president women have been trying for the past 140 years. It’s not as if women haven’t tried to become president but every time one runs the people find something inadequate in them. Charlotte Whitton gave an amazing quote on the struggle women go through,

“Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good.”

If a woman wants to be in power in a nation that is given a masculine description then can is it truly going to be accepted. Even though we live in the 21st century and Feminism is all the rage and being accepted, is it really? In order for anything to really be changed in this case the whole mentality of an American is going to have to be transformed. In the charge to change the “culture of nationalism [that] is constructed to emphasize and resonate with masculine cultural themes” (Negal 251). In the way we correlate the nation with masculine terms the same will be the terms we will use for the one who leads it.

There is an evident need to change the way that our nations is ran. It’s obvious to see that most of those who run our nation are men,that “the national state is essentially a masculine institution… the male domination of decision-making positions, the male superordinate/female subordinate internal division of labour, and the male legal regulation of female rights, labour and sexuality” (Negal 251). As of July 2015, over 80% of those in congress were men, 100% of CEOs on Wall Street were men, 84% of mayors of the top 100 cities were men, 90% of tech job in Silicon Valley were positions held by men and 95% of the fortune 500 CEOs were. How is it that in the nation that in a nation so advanced still there is an inequality when it comes to women and men in power. Not even mentioning how 100% of our presidents are men. It has been long enough that all genders are being represented by the typical heterosexual male. Throughout the world, in data recorded by World Economic Forum, out of 142 countries, 63 countries have had woman as an elected head of state.

Not all the population has been properly represented by our elected candidates. There will never be someone who is going to be able to represent our whole nation but ever since our nation has come into existence we have been represented by the stereotypical upper class white man, except for Obama. Are nation, even in the 21st century is still the male-dominated nation it was when it first began. We are still being ran by men and it’s being shown by who has all the positions of either CEO positions or positions in government. For the past 200 years it has been the same people ruling over a nation that is ever changing. Something has to change because it’s not working anymore.

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