Man buns? I only like cinnamon buns LOL


Hair is a funny thing.

Every since I could remember, I’ve always had short/medium length hair and never really do/did style it. My hair, as much as I’ve tried, has never gone past my butt or even past my chest. Nor was it ever super shiny and magnificent looking. I just never understood why the length or style of an individual’s hair mattered. Like how does one’s hair determine their being? It wasn’t until my dad said something to that made me think about the impact of hair.

I had just come home after getting a haircut and I was showing my dad and asked if he liked it. I was expecting him to give his usual answer: “Oh yeah, it’s nice.” But this time I was taken aback by what he had said. He said to me that because my hair is short, I’ll never find a husband.

Let me give you little background of my culture. I am Indian not Native American “Indian” as some people think but from the actual country, I was even born there. In the Indian culture, arranged marriages are a pretty popular occurrence. All my aunts, uncles, and even my parents got an arranged marriage. It’s like the thing to do once individuals hit a certain age, especially for girls who are told that prime “marrying age” is between 20 and 25. Umm, that statement is bullshit because my mom didn’t even get married until she was like 37, so fuck you Indian society. Typical Indian beauty standards are long hair, fair skin color, and medium height. I fit NONE of those standards, thankfully. I mean why would I want to look the same as 1.2 billion people?

Anyway, back to hair. I was surprised that my dad had something like that to me seeing as how we’re residents of a country that look at arrange marriages as if they’re some alien ritual. To me, my hair is not a “possession,” per se. I mean, I’m glad I have hair and all but when I cut it, I don’t see it as a big deal. It’s just hair, hair grows. Plus, being a college student and having no time for anything, short hair is just easier to maintain.

But my hair preferences are not the point of this post, the point is about the impact that hair has on not only an individual but society as well. There are numerous articles published everyday about celebrities dyeing their hair blue #kyliejenner, getting bangs, or getting a pixie cut. Like what about news that really matters, people?! All the examples mentioned pertain to women. Women already get judged based on their race, beliefs, body type, what clothes they were, etc…and now even hair is becoming a judge-y thing. If a female celebrity or any woman debuts a pixie cut, it should be taken that the woman has problems in her life and cutting her hair helps solves them. LIKE WHAT?! HOW IS THIS A THING?!


Pixie cuts are looked down upon for women but men can show off their “man buns” and are considered “trendy” or “sexy.” A pixie cut can be sexy, look at Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson rock that haircut! According to Urban Dictionary, a man bun is defined as a “questionably sexy hairstyle in which a man with medium to long hair…,” word to be noted here: “sexy.”

My question is why? Why would you want a mane to take care of and spend so much money on shampoo? Because it’s the new “fad?” Because every guy has one? This is where my mom’s words would come into use, “if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?” Same goes for those following the fad of man buns. And now having a man bun makes you sexier? It literally looks like a big ball of grease on the back of a guy’s head. Every time I see a man bun, I just want to hack it off with scissors. #sorrynotsorry

Buzzfeed made a video entitled: “10 Celebs Who Look Hotter With Man Buns,” this demonstrates how hair is so highly perceived by society by suggesting this male celebrities should grow man buns to up their image.

Man buns, pixie cuts, blue hair, dreadlocks, short hair, long hair, etc…no matter what way you style your hair, it’s just hair. Even when a person is bald, people automatically assume that they are sick or can’t grow hair #mygrandma, but no one thinks that maybe they just wanted to save money on shampoo and chose to go bald? Hair shouldn’t determine how people look at you. Even if you’re in public with bed head, work that hairstyle because you “woke up like this,” literally. People need to stop worshipping something that just sits on the top of someone’s head. Plus humans are losing on average 50 to 100 hairs a day and there are only like 100,000 hairs on a person’s head. So in less than a month, you could bald.

Society needs to stop glorying hair. IT’S JUST HAIR. And man buns need to stop being a thing, like please, for the sake of humanity and world peace.