No Sexuality Is Better Than The Other

Heterosexuality isn’t superior than all the other sexualities and masculinity can apply to everyone.

Growing up I would always hear “You should dress more girly,” “You shouldn’t look like a boy” or sometimes “You have to be tough as a man to get through life.” Because men are tough and women are not, right? WRONG. Women have the same capabilities as men to be tough, strong and have the ability to overcome any obstacles. But once a woman is too strong then they’re considered of not being too “feminine” and shouldn’t be too masculine since that’s for men to be. However, masculinity doesn’t “belong” to any single gender, therefore anyone can be masculine.

So then why do people get in relationships within their same sex if they can find the same things with the opposite sex? The answer is because they were born to love someone within their same sex rather than choosing to. Therefore, people shouldn’t assume that only because a woman is dating another woman who is more masculine then she should just date a man instead. No relationship is better than the other no matter what the sex are of the two individuals. Heterosexuality is no better and shouldn’t be considered as something normal in society while making other types of sexuality be seen as weird or different.

I can’t say that I know how it feels to feel rejected in society because I’m straight but I have witness and heard from family members and friends that belong in the LGBTQ community on how horrible some people can be towards them just because of their sexuality. For example, when my cousin, Kevin came out to our family members that he is gay many were surprised and at first thought it was a joke of his. Why? Kevin was a typical 17 year-old, athlete, and charming senior that has dated several girls before. But why should people assume that he can’t be gay because he “doesn’t look the part.” At first, not everyone believed Kevin was telling the truth but that all changed when he introduced his first and still boyfriend to the whole family. You would think that everyone now believed that Kevin was telling the truth. Wrong. Kevin’s partner looked more feminine than he did therefore, family members automatically thought that because his partner looked more feminine then Kevin could just date a woman instead. But my family members didn’t understand that attraction and sexuality aren’t so easy to understand but rather to complex for one to understand.

In addition, “toxic masculinity” is when one feels entitled to women’s sexuality, bodies and time. Men aren’t the only ones who can adopt and perform toxic masculinity but anyone else in the LGBTQ community can as well. Queer men or butch women can also perform toxic masculinity as well because masculinity isn’t just specified for one gender. Furthermore, there needs to be a stop overall in sex-shaming since that is sexuality policing. Examples of sexuality policing are staring at a gay couple holding hands, asking individuals why they date those within their same sex or even assuming one’s sexuality based on their looks or personality. Stop trying to enforce on others a morality we don’t even follow ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with one exploring their sexuality because heterosexuality shouldn’t be seen as normal but instead as one of many types of sexuality there are in society for people to follow.