Women are not Property

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that provides reproductive health care for everyone. Thus, no one is left behind with this organization. Everyone is welcome: women, men, and the LGBTQ community. This is one aspect of the organization that makes it so great, they are all treated fairly with no distinctions upon their persona. Some of the cares they provide are: birth control, vaccinations, abortions/ options for unplanned pregnancy, education on sex, body, and relationships, advocacy, counseling, STD testing, and support Fetal Tissue Research. Furthermore, their main mission is to provide broad public access. Planned Parenthood is a stepping stone for low income women to move out of poverty and pursue an education and obtain their careers. It is design to help them plan when they want to have children and decrease abortion. And if they end up pregnant before they desire, they have options for them to continue or terminate their pregnancy.

Women are in a constant struggle for complete liberty. Even though we have our rights as human beings, we are still being treated as property as Angela Davis stated. This so, leans more towards low income women. More specifically, low income women are targeted to keep submissive and controlled. By taking away benefits such as reproductive health, keep low income women in poverty. The recent attack of Planned Parenthood has to do with the idea of having under control low income bodies, women. This is because they don’t want low income women to have the same benefits as the upper class white women. Thus, leading low income women to have undesired pregnancies and endure their pregnancy. Consequently, ending their possible continuum career.

The anti-abortion group made it seem like Planned Parenthood was making profit from the fetal tissue. They did so by editing some video and making look like it was from Planned Parenthood. However, this was not the case. Planned Parenthood, asked their patients first if they would like to donate their fetal tissue and if they said no, the fetal tissue was not used. The anti-abortion group’s main goal was to take away funds from Planned Parenthood. By taking funds away, many would have been affected. There would not be much benefits to provide with no funds. Leading to a lot of undesired pregnancies and women still in poverty.

The reproductive health offer by Planned Parenthood to everyone was seen as a threat for the elite. For they were not able to profit from it. Furthermore, the cycle of poverty can come to an end. Low income women like the elite women would have access to the same education and reproductive health care. Now they too would be able to plan when to have children, when was the actual proper time to start a family. That sets a competition for white women, for now low income women will have the same education and career opportunities.

It is hard for women with no further background knowledge on reproductive health. Without access to contraception, for either lack of education or money, low income women are staying behind in society. They remain in the same place, behind closed doors raising children. In the other hand, white wealthy women are still having abortions because they have the means to pay for the procedure. And are advancing in society.

I know religion in low income classes is very important. And at times when women do become pregnant, the last thing they think of is an abortion. However, sometimes women cannot afford to have children and must think of the after effects that child will bring in the long run. For instance, those who are still in school, have a problem because they will no longer be able to be fulltime students with a child in hand. Now I am not saying that having a child is the end of the world, but it is the end of many women’s dreams. This is because they have to nurture their child and care for them. Some women do continue school but they do not advance as high as someone without children.

Furthermore, Planned Parenthood, is great in all aspects. It is necessary for low income women to start having control of their body and take proper precautions. It is estimated that one out five women will visit Planned Parenthood. This number is very small and needs to increase in order for women to have control of their lives. I myself have prolong becoming pregnant with the use of contraception’s. I have taken control of my life by pursuing to a higher education.