The things that are never talked about

Since the sixth grade, I have heard the sex talk in different version. From the graphic picture of all the Sexual Transmitted Diseases to the non-stop talk not having kids at a young age.

“This spoken-word poem by Daysha Edewi captures the IRL experience of what it’s like to know nothing about safe sex. “I thought I knew everything there was to know about having safe sex. Always carry a condom, and never, ever get pregnant.”

From all this ideas no one stops to really talk about the importance of a healthy relationship.
I used to work in a high school and I would heard from both sides, the administration and the students. Teachers would say that they were advice to tell the students not to have sex, by showing the pictures of all the sexual transmitted diseases to scare them away from it. Most of the teachers would also say that even if society tries to scare them away from having sex, its human nature to have sex. The education system needed to teach those students how a relationship is supposed to look like, with the respect and responsibilities it takes to be sexually active.

One day I was at work and had lunch supervision and I overheard a senior talking to her friend about how she had just lost her virginity with her boyfriend. She just kept asking questions and talking about how no one really talked about how it wasn’t just letting that person in your body but also how that person can take over your mind. All the question that occur after having sex with someone, all the doubts of did I do it right, is he going to compare me to someone else. She went on to saying how she wish she could talk to her mother about it, but her mother was Catholic and never talk to her about all the emotions that happen when you are with someone. As the lunch bell rang I started to think about how it’s true, most of the people that I knew had a similar story about not being able to talk about it openly like what you are told to.

“People love to talk about how to avoid STIs of the physical kind, but nobody likes to talk about the STIs that can destroy your mind.”

Now with all the debates about banning Planned Parenthood, it bring to play what type of things they offer. Most of the debate talk about the abortion and fetal tissue but those talk never talk about the other things that planned parenthood offer. Having our guest speaker from Planned Parenthood Jacqueline Casillas, open my eyes about the different things that they do for the community, which is not just for female but for male as well. Like in the following article, it talks about all the services that male get from planned parenthood that they might not be able to get in other places.

When she started to talk about how they present Sex Ed to the students, she went on to talk about the importance about talking to them about the relationship and what it can do to you, physical and mentally. She stated that there was a need for more than the graphic pictures of sexual transmitted diseases. I went on to thinking that should be the way it presented to all the students even at the young age of a fifth or sixth grader, it is more important to explain the definition of being in a healthy relationship and what it does to you in all aspects not just what it can do to you physical but mentally as well.