The constitution said it’s cool with it. So why do people take it so hard? I always believed that the right to burn the US flag was what made this country great. The constitution supports this form of freedom of speech but seems as though most people rather change this law to protect a mass produced cloth than change the right to bear arms law to protect human beings. As I understand it, to burn a flag means to protest against what a country or government has not changed or eliminated, after hard evidence has shown it to be a cancer to the state, where the rest of the world finds out, giving a negative reflection of what the Unites States flag stands for. It’s like the other countries see us smoking like chimneys, then we’re diagnosed with lung cancer, and were the US, like how do you not listen to your own advice. Although we all have different opinions on what is right or wrong, the right to that opinion is protected under the constitution. I personally believe that The Constitution is bigger than the flag. The constitution is the law of the land, the law of the land is not what the flag “represents” because what the flag represents varies between people. What the flag might represent is based on what you experience from the nation that owns that flag. But the constitution, in theory, is equality. And it must be that much more important if it has its own court to settle things in.
So, wouldn’t burning a US flag seam understandable for what is going on at this time in United States. Hey Government! How many school http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonkblog/wp/2015/10/01/shooting-in-oregon-11-essential-facts-about-guns-and-mass-shootings-in-america/ and http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/jun/10/the-counted-500-people-killed-by-police-2015 of unarmed people of color must occur for government to take action and look for a solution? How can one individual person reach out to everyone and politics to say it’s time to stop talking about money for a bit and focus on the people who make this country great. With the help of the Internet of course. But it has been done and before people take the time to listen to what the protester has to say, they become outraged.
I’m sure things like, “If you don’t like how it is here then why don’t you leave” or “so you don’t care about all the fallen soldiers who have fraught to protect you and your freedom?”, Would be the common defense mechanisms. Exactly what a docile body would do. Michel Foucault gives us this concept of the docile body, one which is obedient, handled, and has a lack of agency. A human who can be trained to obey. Maybe even trained to believe that anyone opposing what has already existed in the US is a terrorist, something no one ever wants to be. When people answer in this manner to someone who doesn’t see a problem with flag burning I feel sorry for them. They lack agency, their own real opinion. They are told that their family members went to war to fight for the flag, justifying the violence of war as necessary. Soldiers are especially docile, trained to kill others at their home and then trained to be okay with it and told to be proud to have been a part of it and are handed a flag and told that everything they fought for is the flag so the flag is then given weight, meaning, matter. No one wants to believe they fought for what doesn’t matter even when everything shows it doesn’t, they must defend themselves and their actions. I’m not implying that the soldier’s actions were heartless. I personally believe they fought for the individual people that surrounded them every day on the front lines and those they left at home. it was the love for the people who traveled with them and the people who raised and grew up with them in the land they all came from and I believe this to be true for all soldiers of all countries but what I know is that they because soldiers because they are most docile. Why can’t war be wrong and why is it necessary? Why should I have to leave? Why can’t we improve, and why is it hard to believe that the US needs improvement? Why would burning a flag mean I don’t appreciate a soldier volunteering to join the war and acknowledge the sacrifices they make when leaving? Why isn’t my freedom respected? is it because this white female who obviously cant defend herself since she is naked, was still willing to sacrificed herself to interrupt someone's freedom of speech, so I should be ashamed not to support her actions towards another citizen?

Former Air Force Staff Sargent and Playboy model Michelle Manhart.

Its not like this government is showing any respect for the veterans who still