“Facebook’s “Pride button” appears to be rolling out in a way that is culturally sensitive to bigots”

“The feature is only available as a default option for users living in “major markets with Pride celebrations.” In other places, users need to “like” the Facebook LBGQT page to gain access to the feature. And in some places, the feature isn’t available at all.
According to a Facebook blog post, the disparity in access is necessary “because this is a new experience we’ve been testing.”
Some users see it instead as a way for the company to avoid offending those who may not be supportive of LBGQT rights. “It kind of feels like facebook higher-ups are afraid of losing whatever percentage of their userbase are hateful bigots so they hide it behind liking this page so that nobody who would get upset will accidentally see it,” writes a user by the name of Wil Donaldson on the LBGQT Facebook page.”

I had wondered about this, I thought it was bold and cool because there would definitely be people who would be super angry about the pride-react.

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