“How Hillary Clinton can get that ‘presidential look’”

“John Adams
To Get This Look: Do a bad job of describing Princess Leia’s hairstyle to your hairdresser. Watch forlornly but uncomplainingly as he completely fails to achieve it. Make the face of a sad cat that has just been turned into a human being and doesn’t know what to make of the change. Take no care of your body…
Zachary Taylor
To Get This Look: Glue some straw to your head and spend the next twenty years drinking grain alcohol in blistering sunlight…
Chester Arthur
To Get This Look: Fully. Commit.
“Chester,” his friends asked, “don’t you think it’s a little much to pull off? The sideburns, the fur coat, the mustache, the ring?”
“How dare you even ask that question of someone who has pulled off being named Chester for years?” he shot back.”

These are GREATT. (except for the body shaming) (can we, as a nation, come up with one different thing to say about Taft? Just, like, one)