Street Harassment 101

Because my plans for the evening feel through, and also like why not, here is a collection of explanatory videos and articles on street harassment to help those who are currently unaware (read: most straight cis men) to respond more appropriately and proactively to the reality of street harassment.

“In this humorous video, W. Kamau Bell juxtaposes interviews with people who experience cat-calling with those who perpetuate it. The victimizers argue that it is a compliment and makes the people they harm feel better about themselves.
Those who are victimized tell a completely different story.”

This is the one that went super viral — and lead to the amazing moment on CNN below:

“During the discussion, Santagati argued that he was an expert on the topic by virtue of being a man, that the men in the video obviously lacked class, and that women should leave New York if they don’t like it. And Whitfield and Seales had THE. PERFECT. REACTIONS.”

Full Buzzfeed breakdown of all the key moments/facial expressions:

(posting the link to the video here because if I post the video it just starts playing and can’t be paused :/) (but this is possibly my favorite one)

“[On the Daily Show] Jessica Williams explains why a woman’s smile does not prove that a catcall was successful.”

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