“Why Can’t We Be More Critical of the Pill?”

“health professionals, educators and the media peddle the Pill as a “simple, safe and effective” form of contraception and a cure for everything from acne to PMS. The Pill is a wonder drug, we’re told. It’s a success story for women’s empowerment.
And it was, and is. It’s still the most commonly used method of contraception — 50–80 per cent of Australian women will use it at some point during their reproductive years — and, when taken consistently and correctly, it can be up to 99.7 per cent effective in preventing pregnancy. (Obvious disclaimer about STIs and condoms here.)…
While a few small studies have sought to determine the neurological affects of the Pill, their findings thus far are still largely unproven. Like many areas of women’s health, the field remains disappointingly understudied…
A review published in the European Journal of Contraception and Health Care in 2013 analysed 36 studies between 1978 and 2011 and found 15 per cent of women who used oral contraceptives reported a decrease in libido. The findings suggest that if 100 million women worldwide currently take the Pill, then 15 million could be suffering from low sex drive. How depressing!”
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