“Why I’ll Always Be Honest About My Nose Job”

“I understood why my friends fed me these responses, although I honestly just wanted someone to say, “That’s awesome!” But we have been so socialized to believe that plastic surgery is only for the Real Housewives of the world, that the idea of some nobody like me getting her face altered seemed outlandish. My life was fine. I was intelligent, and had good friends and a boyfriend. I knew that my large nose was something I could live with for the rest of my life, but I didn’t want to. While it’s true that you can’t derive worth from your looks, my insecurities still dragged down my feelings about myself, destroying my confidence and assurance.”

I was thinking about this today, about how we don’t really have enough ownership of our own bodies. To fight against the narrow images of beauty in our culture, a lot of people started telling girls to love their bodies however they were, to embrace how they were naturally, etc… but that still leaves us in a place where other people are allowed to get mad about what we do to our bodies. It is still a place where other people are trying to give us their opinions of our appearance, and are allowed to be mad if we don’t share that opinion.

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