“Woman Confronts Catcallers and Secretly Films Their Reactions”

“Lindsey — who, like many women, is subjected to street harassment on a daily basis as she just tries to live her goddamn life — came up with the idea for Cards Against Harassment after a stranger began screaming at her when she told him she’s prefer if he said “hi” rather than approaching her on an escalator and stroking her hair. The concept of the Cards Against Harassment site is that women can download and print out little cards explaining why street harassment sucks and is not fun or flattering for them, which they can carry with them and dispense to catcallers as necessary.”

I think about doing this ALL THE TIME but am way too scared, partially because if just happening to glance at someone while walking past incites them to try to say things at me I don’t know what they might try to do if I actually purposefully engaged them in conversation. And I don’t want to be any angrier or frightened than I already am.


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