“Women Who Dye Their (Armpit) Hair”

“She settled on Voodoo Blue by Manic Panic, and the next day posted a video on YouTube in which she wears a tank top and proudly raises her arms to show turquoise-colored armpit hair. The video has had more than 264,000 views. After she stopped shaving her underarms a few months before, Ms. Moreno drew plenty of negative comments, and dyeing her armpits bright colors — she has since also gone with hot pink, purple, green, neon yellow and orange — has been something of an act of defiance…
The Internet, it turns out, is up to its armpits with women who dye theirs. Miley Cyrus displayed her newly pink underarms in a photo she posted to Instagram on May 1, drawing more than 396,000 likes and more than 30,000 comments. On Instagram, more than 700 photos of women (and a handful of men) have been posted with the hashtag #dyedpits. And a blog post by Roxie Hunt, a Seattle hairstylist, “How to Dye Your Armpit Hair,” has been shared more than 37,000 times since it was published in October.”
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