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Genetic Lifehacks Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

Genetic Lifehacks Review: What You Should Know Before Buying

About Genetic Lifehacks

Genetic Lifehacks is a website where users can learn about the genetic connection between their diet and health. Founded by Debbie Moon in 2015, the company aims to combine an engineering mindset with biological systems and apply genetics to dietary and lifestyle choices. Genetic Lifehacks claims to use people’s DNA to optimize their diets and lifestyles, based on their exact needs.

Genetic Lifehacks Services

Genetic Lifehacks offers the following products and services:

Consultation Reports

The website offers a “Top 5 Topics” report customized based on vital topics for each individual. It spans over 11–15 pages and includes the following:

-Explanation of the topic

-Discussion of the genetic variants

Sleep and Your Genes Report

This report analyzes 20+ genes and explains how these genes influence sleep aspects like melatonin secretion, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, and caffeine response.

The report includes the following:

- Background information on the genes
- Studies and references related to the genetic variants

Additionally, it includes information on circadian rhythm and homeostatic sleep drive.

Xcode Life’s Gene Sleep Report — 15 traits for $20

Ultimate Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet quickly shows you which article on the website matches your gene results. It is organized into the following categories:

- Heart Disease
- Exercise
- Detoxification Pathways
- Sleep and Circadian Rhythm
- Neurotransmitters & Hormones
- Vitamins, etc.

Each category has a short article description, the risk gene, and a color-coded section for the individual genome. It also explains the different interactions of gene variants from different article sections.

Source: Genetic Life Hacks

Email Course

This free introductory course explains what genetic data means. It is a 4-day course, providing essential information on genetics.

However, please bear in mind that Debbie Moon is not a doctor.

She only provides information and opinions, curated using peer-reviewed research and statistics. Individuals must seek assistance from a doctor for any medical advice regarding the provided information.

Genetic Lifehacks: Getting Started

Once you subscribe to a membership plan and purchase a product, you can upload your raw DNA data file from 23andMe or AncestryDNA on the checkout page. The upload process takes about a minute. Once that is done, you can complete the checkout.

After checkout, you will receive an email with your Top 5 Report within 1–3 business days.

Genetic Lifehacks Pricing

Genetic Lifehacks offers a membership option to its users at the following rates:

- Monthly Plan: $6 per month
- Annual Plan: $39 per year

Genetic Lifehacks offers a range of other services for its users.

- Sleep and Your Genes Report: $29

- Ultimate Cheat Sheet: $39

- Top 5 Topics Report — Add on: $60

- Topics Consultation Report + Cheat Sheet + Annual Membership Plan: $99

About Privacy

According to their website, Genetic Lifehacks does not store personal information except when purchasing a product.

The website collects user activity statistics and cookies to improve user experience. No tracking software is used on the website, ensuring user privacy.

If one chooses to post their personal information like name and email in the comments section, it gets recorded on the site.

Genetic Lifehacks stores user genetic data offline on an encrypted drive. It is deleted after 30 days and not used for research. The information is used only for consultation and not shared with third parties.

For further information, read the Genetic Lifehacks Privacy Policy.

What People Say: News & Reviews

You can learn more in the News and Research section of Genetic Lifehacks.

Trendhunter reviewed Genetic Lifehacks and scored it a 4.9.

Pros & Cons


- The membership and reports are affordable
- The website is very informational, with 200+ articles
- It provides a cheat sheet option for easy navigation
- The website has a free email course for beginners


- The reports are not put together by a medical professional
- The website limits reports to 5 topics
- Reports might predominantly include fun facts

Genetic LifehacksXcode LifeType of genetic testingDNA raw data analysisDNA raw data analysisAncestry reportsNot offeredNot offeredHealth reportsNot offeredOfferedPharmacogenomic reportsNot offeredOfferedRaw data uploadOnly from 23andMe and AncestryDNADNA raw data from all major providers accepted. Comprehensive listNumber of reports5 topics13PriceAnnual membership- $39Other services — $29-$99Reports: $10-$40Bundles: $49-$99Price detailsFree toolsNil3 free tools (Gene Tool, DNA raw data merge, DNA raw data convert) available for allSample reportsNilAvailable as detailed report walkthrough videos



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