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Life DNA Reviews: What You Should Know Before Buying

Life DNA Reviews: What You Should Know Before Buying

About LifeDNA

LifeDNA was founded in 2017 by Steve Markowitz. Headquartered in Hawaii, USA, LifeDNA specializes in DNA-based health and wellness services.

Image: LifeDNA Home

LifeDNA Services

LifeDNA’s primary offering is its reports on nutrition, health, and wellness.

Recently, they’ve added a report on COVID-19 as well.

- LifeDNA Reports

Priced at $99, LifeDNA offers this service based on raw DNA upload from companies like 23andMe, MyHeritage, Ancestry, LivingDNA, and FamilyTreeDNA.

- LifeDNA Reports + DNA kit

Priced at $199, this service, in addition to reports, also comes with a home-based DNA collection kit. LifeDNA analyzes genomic data and generates reports based on the analysis.

Image: LifeDNA Services

Additionally, LifeDNA also offers some bundles such as:

- Diet & Health Pack

This pack contains only the nutrition and immunity & vitamins reports. It works for raw uploads from other companies.

You can check out our DNA raw data download guides here

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- Health Report Bundle

In addition to all the Diet & Health Pack contents, this bundle contains the fitness, health & wellness, personality & cognition, and skincare reports. Additionally, this bundle also comes with a one-year platinum membership.

- Health Test Bundle

In addition to all the contents of the Health Report Bundle, this pack contains a DNA test kit along with a one-year platinum membership.

LifeDNA’s Platinum membership offers exclusive services like

- Disease report
- Carrier report
- Fertility report
- COVID-19 report
- New traits updates every month with unlimited access
- Consultation services curated for 1-on-1 interaction
- Subscription to the LifeDNA Genomics newsletter

LifeDNA: Getting Started

- Sign up for your LifeDNA account. Clients can also use their social media credentials from Google or Facebook to complete the signup process.
- Pick a suitable plan.

- Clients can choose between uploading raw data from other companies (listed above) or ordering a LifeDNA kit.
- For clients choosing to upload raw data, LifeDNA generates reports within hours.
- LifeDNA researchers analyze your genetic data, match SNPs with their database, and generate reports for clients who order a DNA kit. Reports usually take up to 2 weeks.
- Clients can access their reports from the website by logging into their accounts. In addition, the reports get regular updates from ongoing research.

Overview of LifeDNA Reports

A typical LifeDNA report contains:

- Actionable traits analyses
- Other traits analyses
- The result — shown on a scale of low, intermediate, and high.

Nutrition Report

The nutrition report contains information on about 20+ traits which includes:

- Caffeine sensitivity
- Saturated fat metabolism
- Weight change
- Carbohydrate metabolism
- Sodium sensitivity
- Gluten sensitivity
- Fiber Need
- Lactose tolerance
- Peanut allergy
- Vegetable consumption
- Shrimp allergy
- Antioxidant status
- Snacking behavior
- Hunger
- Sensitivity to bitter food
- Satiety
- Appetite
- Preference to fatty food
- Tendency to binge eat
- Protein intake
- Peach allergy
- Sugar preference
- Phytoestrogen need
- Spice sensitivity (coming soon)
- Unhealthy food intake (coming soon)

Check Out: Xcode Life’s Gene Nutrition Report — 48 traits — $20

Fitness Report

The LifeDNA Fitness report includes genetic analysis of 23 fitness-related traits:

- Blood pressure and exercise
- Weight loss and exercise
- Power vs. endurance
- Circadian rhythm
- HDL cholesterol and exercise
- Post-exercise recovery rate
- Inflammation and pain tolerance
- Exercise-induced ischemia
- Energy balance
- Muscle hypertrophy
- Motivation to exercise
- Metabolic rate and metabolic syndrome
- Insulin sensitivity and exercise
- Handgrip strength
- Muscle strength
- Exercise heart rate profile
- Lactate clearance
- Injury predisposition
- Leisure-time physical activity
- Aerobic capacity
- Habitual physical activity
- Testosterone
- Bone density and fracture risk
- Flexibility (coming soon)
- Triglyceride response to cardio (coming soon)

Check Out: Xcode Life’s Gene Fitness Report — 27 traits $20

Health & Wellness Report

The LifeDNA health and wellness report includes 17 traits concerning your health and wellbeing:

- Cannabis dependence and mental health
- Insomnia
- Attractiveness to mosquitoes
- Inguinal Hernia
- Inflammatory response
- Alcohol Consumption
- Job-related exhaustion
- Excessive sweating
- Kidney stone predisposition
- Longevity
- Menstrual cycle length
- Alcohol response
- Smoking behavior and nicotine dependence
- Motion sickness
- DNA damage and detoxification ability
- Alcohol addiction
- Resting heart rate
- Sleep depth (coming soon)
- Sleep duration (coming soon)

Check Out: Xcode Life’s Gene Health Report — 55+ traits $20

Personality and Cognition Report

The Personality and Cognition report provides information about how your genetic makeup is lifely to affect your personality and cognition.

- Educational attainment
- Openness
- Neuroticism
- Conscientiousness
- Agreeableness
- Extraversion
- Resilience
- Morningness
- Instant gratification
- Risk-taking
- Hypnotizability
- Social rejection
- Impulsivity
- Positive affectivity
- Fear of pain
- Loneliness
- Optimism
- Emotional support seeking
- Reward dependence
- Aggressive behavior
- Harm avoidance
- Maternal sensitivity
- Mathematical ability
- Verbal memory
- Musical ability
- Cognitive control
- Intelligence
- Sensitivity to stimuli
- Perceptual speed
- Creativity
- Gambling
- Hearing function
- Depression

Check Out: Xcode Life’s Traits and Personality Report — 25+ traits $20

Skincare Report

The Skincare Report contains genetic information and active recommendations on skin-related traits such as:

- Sun Sensitivity

- Freckles
- Skin tanning vs. sunburning
- Facial pigmented spots

- Skin Aging

- Facial wrinkles
- Skin glycation

- Cosmetic Problems

- Acne
- Stretch marks
- Cellulite

- Skin Inflammation

- Rosacea
- Eczema
- Dandruff
- Psoriasis
- Excessive skin dryness

Image: Snippet from LifeDNA’s skincare report

Check Out: Xcode Life’s Gene Skin Report — 24 traits $20

Immunity & Vitamins Report

The LifeDNA immunity & vitamins report contains information on traits like:

- Immunity
- Cardiovascular health
- Liver health
- Brain health
- Gut health
- Endocrine health
- Natal health (female)
- Bone health
- Kidney health
- Eye health
- Hair and nails

Image: Snippet from LifeDNA’s immunity and vitamins report

Disease Report

The LifeDNA disease report contains information on ten traits:

- Late-onset Alzheimer’s disease
- Age-related macular degeneration
- Hereditary thrombophilia
- Transthyretin-related amyloidosis
- Celiac disease
- G6PD deficiency
- Iron overload disorder
- MUTYH-associated polyposis
- Parkinson’s disease
- Familial hypercholesterolemia

Carrier Report

The Carrier report contains information on 12 disease-causing gene variants such as:

- PAH gene (phenylketonuria)
- HEXA gene (Tay-Sachs disease)
- PKHD1 gene (autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disorder)
- ABCC8 and KCNJ11 genes (familial hyperinsulinism)
- ELP1 gene (hereditary sensory neuropathy)
- SLC17A5 gene (Salla disease)
- HBB gene (sickle cell anemia and other hemoglobinopathies)
- CFTR gene (cystic fibrosis)
- ALDOB gene (hereditary fructosuria)
- ASPA (Canavan disease)
- MEFV gene (familial Mediterranean fever)

Check Out: Xcode Life’s Carrier Status Report — 365 traits $40

Fertility & Pregnancy Report

The fertility report offered by LifeDNA delves with traits like:

- Ovarian reserve
- Preeclampsia
- Early menopause
- Endometriosis
- Recurrent pregnancy loss
- PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
- Placental abruption
- Premature ovarian insufficiency
- Recurrent implantation failure (IVF) (coming soon)

COVID-19 Report

The COVID-19 report contains general information about the disease. Some traits covered in the report include:

- Predisposition to coronavirus infection
- Infection severity
- Reaction to Oseltamivir
- Reaction to Chloroquine
- Response to hydroxychloroquine
- Response to Lopinavir

Check Out: Xcode Life’s COVID-19 Gene Report — 11 traits $10

LifeDNA Pricing

Service/ProductPricingLifeDNA Reports$99LifeDNA Reports + DNA kit$199Diet & Health Pack$39Health Report Bundle$199Health Test Bundle$399

About LifeDNA Privacy

LifeDNA claims 100% security and privacy of data. According to LifeDNA, they do not hold any ownership of raw data upon upload. Instead, ownership remains 100% with the client.

LifeDNA does not share or leak genetic data without the permission of the client. In addition, LifeDNA guarantees the protection and safety of genetic data through encryption.

Even for utilization of genetic data for research, LifeDNA leaves the choice to the clients.Clients may choose to delete data at any point in time. Clients can do this by just writing a mail to the company’s support team. Clients are given a choice between deleting genetic data (though their LifeDNA account remains active) or deleting the entire account along with genetic data permanently.

For more information on LifeDNA’s privacy policy, click here.

News & Reviews


In April 2020, LifeDNA joined the University of Hawai’i to study why COVID-19 hits specific populations harder than others.

In January 2021, LifeDNA launched its DNA test kits, in collab with Health First Network, across 130 stores in Canada.


knowyourDNA reviews LifeDNA as a $99 pricey testing that generates in-depth reports about nutrition and beauty.

Trustpilot reviews on LifeDNA have an average of 4 out of 5 stars

Summary: Pros & Cons


- In-depth reports that cover almost all facets of comfortable living.
- 1-on-1 consultation services, if needed by the client.
- Genetic analysis scheme that is supplemented by active research.


- Expensive test kits and reports that other companies can quickly do at a more affordable rate.
- For test kit analysis and result generation, two weeks is longer than what other companies offer in the personalized genomics niche.
- The disease and carrier status reports are only available through the platinum membership, which is not cost-effective.

**Please Note: All the images included in this review articles were sourced from LifeDNA’s website. LifeDNA doesn’t provide sample reports anymore.

LifeDNAXcode LifeType of genetic testingDNA kit and analysisDNA raw data analysisDisease & Carrier Status ReportOnly available through the platinum membershipAvailable at $20 and $40, respectivelyHealth reportOfferedOfferedPharmacogenomic reportNot offeredOfferedRaw data uploadAvailable but only from 23andMe, MyHeritage, Living DNA, Ancestry, and Family Tree DNADNA raw data from all major providers accepted. Comprehensive listNumber of traits analyzed150+700+Report updatesNoYesPriceReports: $99-$199Bundles: $39-$399Reports: $10-$40Bundles: $49-$99Price detailsFree toolsUnavailable3 free tools (Gene Tool, DNA raw data merge, DNA raw data convert) available for allSample reportsUnavailableAvailable as detailed report walkthrough videos

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