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WeGene Reviews: What You Should Know Before Buying

WeGene Reviews: What You Should Know Before Buying

About WeGene

WeGene is a genetic testing company founded by current CEO Zheng Qiang in 2014. Located in Shenzhen, China, the company focuses on building an East Asian genetic database. The company aims to provide more accurate ancestry results for customers of Southeast and East Asian descent. Overall, the company offers results inclusive of all 56 Chinese ethnic groups, apart from other East Asian populations.

Source: WeGene website

WeGene Services

WeGene has two websites — one for its international users and another for its Chinese users.

Users can get started by registering with WeGene. Once the registration is done, a login portal will be available to access the account. The users can import their raw DNA data from AncestryDNA and 23andMe to their accounts.

The data import feature was free till April 21, 2021. Now, it has been upgraded to a premium service that is available only in Chinese.

After uploading the data, users can get reports with ancestry (focused mainly on Asian descent) and health insights.

Source: WeGene website

On the Chinese (main) website, in addition to importing DNA data from other websites, users can also send in their saliva for a DNA test.

The following DNA tests are available on the main website.

WeGene Detection Standard Edition 3.0

This test is priced at 599¥ or ~92 USD. According to the website, this test “adopts the CGA scientific research-grade gene chip independently developed and designed specifically for the Chinese population.” The saliva collection tube is also FDA-certified.

Source: WeGene website

WeGene Whole Genome Sequencing Youth Edition

This test is carried out by a high-throughput sequencer independently developed by BGI. The test is priced at 2499¥or ~386 USD

WeGene Whole Genome Sequencing Elite Edition

This test is also carried out by a high-throughput sequencer independently developed by BGI. The test is priced at¥3999.00 or 566 USD.

WeGene Reports

The WeGene international website provides only two reports in exchange for your 23andMe/ANcestryDNA raw data file.

WeGene Ancestry Report

This report helps users understand their genealogy. It provides precise geographic details and the population group with shared common ancestors. It includes both paternal and maternal lineages. It also provides insights into neanderthal ancestry.

Source: WeGene website

WeGene Genetic Health Risk Report

The report provides insights into genetic variants associated with increased risk of disease. The report also includes actionable insights based on their results. Furthermore, users can choose whether or not to receive health reports about certain diseases.

The WeGene main website offers a report with nine sections, no matter what kit you purchase.

Ancestry Analysis

The report analyzes 42 ethnic groups. They also report the paternal and maternal haplogroups.

Sport Genes

The report predicts the users’ basal metabolic rate. It also analyzes genes that are associated with food sensitivity, physical characteristics like endurance, weight characteristics, injury risk, and exercise response.

The other 7 health reports also follow the same format as the Sports Gene report:

- Nutrition Metabolism — Includes 16 reports; information on how the body metabolizes certain nutrients
- Health Risk — Includes 118 reports broadly categorized under the nervous system, reproductive system, digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, urinary system, exercise system, endocrine system, and others
- Genetic disease — Includes 57 reports broadly categorized under neurological diseases, metabolic diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, blood diseases, immune diseases, hepatobiliary diseases, muscle diseases, bone diseases, cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases, and eye diseases
- Drug guide — Includes 147 reports categorized under cardiovascular, hypertension, diabetes, anti-infective, digestive system, gout, musculoskeletal, endocrine, respiratory system, nervous system, genitourinary, antitumor, immune system, and others.
- Genetic characteristics — Includes 12 reports
- Skin characteristics — Includes 16 reports
- Psychological traits — Includes 26 reports categorized under personality characteristics, decision-making tendency, cognitive function, positive emotion, and interpersonal psychology
- Invention project — Includes 12 reports based on ongoing research
- Third-party interpret — Users can create their own interpretation projects and share them with the other users on the WeGene platform

You can check out all the sample reports here.

For users who purchase the whole genome sequencing option, there is an additional “whole-genome report.”

Medical Analysis Assistant

This option lets the users upload their physical examination reports to compare them to their genetic predisposition, find items requiring close attention, and make improvements through lifestyle changes.

Downloading Your WeGene Data

WeGene lets its users download their DNA data at any time. WeGene also goes the extra mile to provide the raw data in additional formats like 23andMe and AncestryDNA.

WeGene Pricing

The company will be soon rolling out a DNA test for users outside China for $99.

TestPriceWeGene Detection Standard Edition 3.599¥WeGene Whole Genome Sequencing Youth Edition2499¥WeGene Whole Genome Sequencing Elite Edition3999¥

About Privacy

WeGene user privacy seems weak. They emphasize users go over the privacy policy before agreeing to the terms and conditions of use.

The company collects customers’ personal information like name, email, and contact number during registration. It also collects health information, personal genome information, ancestry information to optimize the WeGene product experience.

WeGene will share user data without authorization during incidents associated with national security, public safety, criminal investigations, research, etc.

The company may access user information from a third-party provider.

For further information, read WeGene Privacy Policy.

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WeGene: Pros & Cons


- WeGene provides genetic testing services focused on the Southeast and East Asian descent
- All reports contain a list of supporting scientific references
- The Chinese website offers many offers with reports under nine sections
- All reports are up-to-date with recent research updates


- WeGene is currently not optimal for people of non-Asian descent
- The international website does not offer many services
- WeGene does not provide DNA testing services for its international users
- International users can only access two reports upon importing raw DNA data

WeGeneXcode LifeType of genetic testingRaw data analysisDNA Kit — Only for Chinese UsersDNA raw data analysisAncestry reportsOfferedNot offeredHealth reportsOfferedOfferedPharmacogenomic reportsOfferedOfferedRaw data uploadOnly from 23andMe and AncestryDNADNA raw data from all major providers accepted. Comprehensive listNumber of reports913PricePrice point ranges from $929 to $566Reports: $10-$40Bundles: $49-$99Price detailsFree toolsNil3 free tools (Gene Tool, DNA raw data merge, DNA raw data convert) available for allSample reportsAvailable on the websiteAvailable as detailed report walkthrough videos



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